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Boracay Road Trip  itinerary
White Beach, Boracay | Image credit: Rabby Calicdan
Boracay was probably the most controversial tourist spot of 2018 in the Philippines because it was shut down for six months to make way for its rehabilitation. Hopefully, visitors will now be more mindful of what they do on the island, which is known for immaculate, white-sand beaches.
Fun Flight Tip: Cebu Pacific acknowledges that tourism may take its toll on destinations, especially when it goes unchecked. To make a stand against unsustainable tourism practices and to combat further environmental damage, Cebu Pacific invites adventurers from all over the world to join their pro-environment movement called The Juan Effect. Make a pledge before you fly; bring your own water bottle and eco-bag, or promise to throw your trash in designated bins. Contribute to a big change today, and remember to be more eco-conscious as you travel!


Day 1-4: Stations One, Two, and Three
You have seven days in Boracay, so why not go hotel-hopping? By doing this, you’ll get to have a taste of all its stations and decide which you like best. That way, you know where you’ll stay the next time you visit!


Day 5: Ariel’s Point
A day trip to Ariel’s Point is well worth it if you need a break from lazing around and digging your toes in Boracay’s white sand. Here, you can engage in all sorts of heart-racing recreational activities such as cliff diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding!

Day 6: Puka Beach, Magic Island, and Crystal Cove
Most people just experience one beach when they visit Boracay because it’s so beautiful that guests can’t get enough of it! But you should know that you can also go island-hopping to experience other nearby locations such as Puka Beach, Magic Island, and Crystal Cove.


Day 7: Markets and shopping stalls
From island-hopping to island-shopping real quick! We’re quite sure you’ve seen Boracay’s shopping scene by now. You’ve had six days to get a glimpse of it, after all. But dedicate this day to truly going through all shopping stalls and markets for the best deals. Now is the time to shop for all those souvenirs you’ll be bringing home to your friends and loved ones. Did anyone say extra baggage allowance?
Tour tip: Staying longer? Imagine the countless adventures you’ll have if you’re able to pull off more than one itinerary from this list. Make multi-city bookings with Cebu Pacific and double (or even triple!) the fun.
Finally, you’re all set for your ultimate vacation in the Philippines! But before you decide on your itinerary, we’ll let you in on a little secret: The cherry on top of your dream tropical getaway is the people. Above all, Filipinos will welcome you to each province and metropolis with incomparable warmth and hospitality. We promise you an enjoyable adventure, but we’ll also make you feel at home.

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