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Day 1: Arrival: Arrival in the Land of Fire and Ice
Highlights: Hveragerdi
Approximate distance: 100 km / 62 miles

Welcome to the Land of Fire and Ice (and Water, Wind, and Earth)! Once you have landed at Keflavik Airport, please pick up your luggage and head through customs. Collect your rental car at the airport and proceed to your hotel.

Frozen 2 Tip: Gale, the Wind Spirit, often visits Iceland, so be prepared for windy days and dress in layers with a warm, wind and rain-proof outerwear.

You’ll be following in the footsteps of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. Instead of a reindeer-pulled wagon, your rental car takes you along mystical lava landscapes to the charming village of Hveragerdi for your overnight. We recommend taking the south coast road where powerful waves thunder alongside wild black shores. Hveragerdi town is touched by the Fire Spirit—it sits directly on top of a geothermal area and, because of its many greenhouses heated by hot water from nearby springs, it is often called the “flower village.”

You might enjoy a visit to the town’s unique geothermal park or take a guided hiking or biking tour through a bizarre landscape where steam bubbles directly from the ground and you can boil an egg in a hot spring and taste hot-spring baked bread. During the summer you can even enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant that uses hot spring-fed underground ovens to prepare delicious food.

You can even experience the powers of the Earth Spirits at the town’s Earthquake center where you can try an earthquake simulation.

Overnight in Hveragerdi area

Please note check-in for most hotels begins at 14:00 – 16:00 (2:00pm-4:00pm)

Day 2: Hveragerdi – Golden Circle area: Spirits of Fire and Water: National Park – Famous Golden Falls – Bubbling Geysers
Highlights: Thingvellir National Park Gullfoss Geysir Kerid
Approximate distance: 269 km / 167 miles

Breakfast at your hotel. Today is open for you to explore the “must-see” wonders of the Golden Circle region. Here you can see first-hand how the powers of fire, water, and earth have worked their magic on Iceland. Visit Thingvellir National Park, site of the ancient Icelandic Viking parliament and a jewel of nature. The earth giants have been busy here since ancient times. You can see where two massive tectonic plates that divide North America from Europe meet here—and you can even walk between continents on a scenic footpath. The park has amazing views over lava fields, mountains, and a huge lake. Each season brings different colors to the park, but it is especially gorgeous in the fall.

Continue to the amazing sites of Gullfoss waterfall, where a river from a glacier thunders into a deep canyon. During the winter months, the waterfall freezes into beautiful ice sculptures, and during the summer the waterfall is magnificent under the sunlight. You can admire the waterfall from many views on footpaths.

Nearby is Geysir hot spring area. The fires of volcanoes are not far beneath the surface of the earth, creating the ideal conditions for hot water to bubble up, sometimes in magnificent plumes of hot springs. The most famous of these is Strokkur, a geyser that erupts like clockwork. Perhaps you might even spot Bruni the Fire Spirit slinking around the paths that take you through Geysir!

For lunch today, we recommend a visit to Fridheimar, the family greenhouse farm where volcano-heated water is used to provide warm conditions for tomatoes and other vegetables grow year-round. You can enjoy delicious home-made tomato soup and bread at the restaurant located right in the greenhouse. There’s even tomato ice cream for dessert!

Peer into the depths of Kerid, a three thousand-year-old crater lake lined with crimson rocks. (Entrance fee to Kerid is not included). The crater was formed by a cone-shaped volcano. Legends have it that the lake is home to a Nykur, an Icelandic cousin to the magnificent Nokk Water Spirit seen in Frozen 2. Perhaps you might glimpse one of these spooky water spirits! The Icelandic version of a nokk is very unique. It resembles a gray horse, but its hooves and ears point backward. If you see one, never try to ride it. (Nykurs try to drown unsuspecting folk who get too close).

Enhance your Frozen 2 Experience:

Instead of trying to ride a nykur, we recommend meeting one of Iceland’s very friendly horses on a guided riding tour in the area.
We don’t recommend floating down a glacial river in an ice canoe-like Anna and Olaf, but we do recommend taking a fun rafting tour through the glacial river canyon near Gullfoss (available May – September)
Enjoy the benefits of Iceland’s volcanic energy and relax in a hot spring-fed pool at the Secret Lagoon, which has its own little geyser. Or try out the natural pools and steam baths at the Laugarvatn Fontana.
Overnight in the Golden Circle area.

Day 3: In the Footsteps of Anna and Elsa: Iceland’s South Shore: Waterfalls and Mist – Volcanic Views – Black Sand Beach
Highlights: Hekla Eyjafjallajokull Skogafoss Seljalandsfoss Myrdalsjokull Vík Reynisdrangar Cliffs
Approximate distance: 210 km / 130 miles

Drive along the scenic South Shore region. Much of this area was an inspiration for Frozen 2 filmmakers and animation crew. You’ll see landscapes similar to those Elsa and her companions saw in their journey to the Enchanted Forest. Travel through a region of vast lava plains with towering volcanic mountains. If the skies are clear you’ll get a great view of two famous volcanoes. Hekla is Iceland’s most frequently erupting volcano. Eyjafjallajokull is the (in)famous glacier-crowned volcano whose 2010 eruption impacted air traffic around the world.

Visit two famous waterfalls that were inspirations for the film. Skogafoss creates a thundering curtain of mist that looks eerily like the cascading mists surrounding the Enchanted Forest. It’s a great backdrop for a selfie, and you might even see a rainbow in the mist. A set of steps leads alongside the waterfall for a spectacular view over the area.

You can’t walk through Skogafoss, but the nearby ribbon-like Seljalandsfoss fall gives you a unique chance to walk behind the waters into a small cave. Near Seljalandsfoss is also Gljufrabui, a small waterfall hidden in a gorge. The view is mysterious and enchanting. This waterfall is best visited in the summertime. You should bring rain gear and waterproof hiking shoes/boots because you will need to walk into the gorge to get close to the falls and you will get wet. Please note some of the trails around the falls are now permanently closed to protect the vegetation.

Continue onwards, where you will start to glimpse Myrdalsjokull, a beautiful glacier in the wild Icelandic highlands. One of the “fingers” leading from the glacier is Solheimajokull. There are interesting experiences here that can bring you close to the glacier (see our suggestions below).

The village of Vik, Iceland’s southernmost village, looks over the vast black sand beach of Reynisfjara. Iceland’s black sand beaches were definitely an inspiration to the Frozen 2 film crew, who visited several beaches. Reynisfjara’s black coast and thundering waves will surely remind you of the scene where Elsa gathers her courage before trying to cross the Dark Sea in search of Ahtohallen.

Far out to sea you can see the Reynisdrangar, black basalt columns that local legends say are trolls turned to stone. Near the beach is an interesting basalt cave you can visit.

Important: Even with her ice powers, Elsa had a hard time in the Dark Sea and taming the Nokk. Since you probably don’t have magical powers, do not enter the water! The waves are very powerful and dangerous. Keep back from the water and obey the warning signs in the area.

The journey then takes you over vast lava fields and black sand plains created by glacial floods. The stark remoteness of this area might remind you of the surreal landscape where Anna, Elsa, and Olaf found the wrecked ship.

Overnight in Kirkjubaejarklaustur area – the first night

Enhance your Frozen 2 Experience:

Add some fun and interactive education with a visit to the Lava Centre, where you can discover the power of volcanoes and earthquakes (fire and earth spirits) in Iceland
Want to get close to a glacier? Join a guided ice hike on Solheimajokull, an outlet of the Myrdalsjokull Walk in a world of ice formations and colors and learn interesting facts about glaciers
View icebergs up close on a guided kayak trip in the glacier lagoon near Solheimajokull (May – September only)
Instead of trying to tame the Nokk, meet friendly Icelandic horses with a guided horseback tour along the black-sand Reynisfjara beach.
Experience the thrill of fire and ice at the Lava Show in Vik. You’ll see a simulation of what happens when molten lava erupts under a glacier

Day 4: Vatnajokull National Park: World of Ice: Glacier National Park – Europe’s Largest Glacier – Iceberg filled Lagoon

Highlights: Vatnajokull Vatnajokull National Park Skaftafell National Park Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Approximate distance: 235km / 146 miles

Breakfast at your hotel.  Today you will truly enter the world of ice that inspired glacial scenes shown in the film. You will be in the southern region of Vatnajokull National Park, named after the largest glacier in Europe, and you’ll see amazing views of Vatnajokull through the day.

We highly recommend visiting the Skaftafell area of Vatnajokull National Park. Here you can see where volcanoes and glaciers meet in a beautiful landscape. There are some excellent hiking trails with views of glaciers. In the area is Svinafellsjokull, a beautiful glacier that branches from Vatnajokull. The colors of white and blue ice mixed with black ash are stunning, especially in the winter. The views may remind you of the glaciers surrounding Ahtohallen as Elsa and the Nokk arrive at the icy river’s edge.

Near the park is the Glacier Lagoon (Jokulsarlon), where icebergs drift and collide with each other in a lake formed by Vatnajokull glacier.

Some icebergs have drifted up onto a nearby black sand beach that provides a dramatic setting for photos. Known as the Diamond Beach, this is a beautiful place to linger, catching views of icebergs and seals.

Overnight in Kirkjubaejarklaustur area – the second night

Enhance your Frozen 2 Experience:

Get closer to Svinafellsjokull with a guided hiking trip onto the glacier. Learn about glaciers from your expert guide and enjoy amazing views of the ice and surrounding landscapes
View the icebergs in the Glacier Lagoon with an amphibian boat excursion (available May – October)
Visit another glacier lagoon, Fjallsarlon, a secluded iceberg lagoon where you can take a Zodiac boat tour among the glaciers
Depending on your schedule another dramatic place for a photo stop is Vestrahorn, the jagged, glacier-capped mountain outside of Hofn. This is a wonderful place of steep cliffs and seacoast, the scenery ever-changing and magical. The shapes and colors may remind you of the landscape surrounding Ahtohallen in Frozen 2. Please note that this route is 1 hour from the Glacier Lagoon which is the last itinerary stop. So you will add an extra 2 hours to your total driving time.

Day 5: Kirkjubaejarklaustur to Reykjavik:

Highlights: Reykjavik

Approximate distance: 260 km/ 162 miles

Breakfast at your hotel. We suggest an early start. Take your time and enjoy a scenic drive back along the south coast Road 1. This is your opportunity to do activities you did not experience before.

Spend your last evening in Reykjavik, Iceland’s colorful and lively capital.

Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 6: Departure from Iceland:

Return to Keflavik International Airport. **

Approximate distance: 50 km / 30 miles

Breakfast at your hotel. All adventures must come to an end, and it’s time to leave amazing Iceland.

Drive back to Keflavik International Airport. ** We recommend departing your hotel in Reykjavik no later than at least 3 hours before your flight departure. It takes approximately 1 hour to drive to the airport, and check-in will start 2 hours before your departure.

Depending on your flight schedule, you might want to use the opportunity to visit the Blue Lagoon on your way to the airport. For this detour, please be sure to allow for at least 2-2,5 hours extra so you’ll have ample time at the lagoon. Your rental car should be returned to the airport service area, which is located only 2 minutes from the airport building. A shuttle will then transport you to the departure hall.

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