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Trip Type

Activity Level

Service Level

Road Trip

Light or Moderate


Group Size

Max 15

or call +91 9886098933

3 Days

Day 1: Start your journey in Auckland
Imagine an urban environment where everyone lives within half an hour of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a dozen enchanting holiday islands. This is true of Auckland, where your journey begins. Enjoy the bustling urban center before heading out to the Waitakere Ranges to discover hidden waterfalls or kayak to Rangitoto Island as the sunsets.

Day 2: Discover Hobbiton
Make your way south to Hobbiton, where rolling green hills and movie magic surround you. Enjoy peering over a Hobbit’s front gate, dancing under the party tree, wandering through The Shire before finishing it all off with a cold beer at The Green Dragon Inn.

Day 3: Learn the Local Culture
Experience the best of Maori culture in Rotorua with cultural performances and traditional foods at Te Puia, Mitai Village or Tamaki Village. Rotorua is the hub of ‘Maoridom’ and here you will witness both the old and new of this unique culture in action.

Afterward check out the explosive geysers and geothermal wonders of the region, before getting your adrenaline fix rafting, mountain-biking or ziplining.

Take a side-trip to Kerosene Creek
Thirty-five minutes south of Rotorua is Kerosene Creek, a geothermally heated stream where you can bathe and relax. Hot water from a natural spring under the earth bubbles up into the cool waters of the creek, creating pleasantly warm waters.

Swimmers have piled up small smooth rocks to create natural pools beside the 2m waterfall. Take a moment to relax on your journey as the sounds of native flora and fauna surround you

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