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Trip Type

Activity Level

Service Level

Road Trip

Light or Moderate


Group Size

Max 15

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Day 1: Ushuaia, Patagonia
Arrive in Ushuaia, the end of the world, and then transfer to your hotel.

Day 2: Trek and canoe in Tierra del Fuego National Park
 8–10 hours  Hotel
You will be collected at your hotel (shared service) and brought to the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Once in Ensenada Bay, you’ll have time to enjoy the view over the Beagle Channel before starting the walk along the coast.

This six-kilometer route allows you to observe the flora and wildlife as well as discovering traces of the area’s ancient indigenous people, the Yamana. After 3 hours you will arrive at Lake Roca, where lunch will be served.

After a picnic, there is a canoe trip down the river Lapataia, which will take you to Lapataia in the Beagle Channel where the Panamerican Highway and the National Highway No. 3 end.

Trail: 3 hours.

Canoeing: 1 hour.

If this seems like too much of an adventure, let us know and we can offer a more traditional tour excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park, with an option to take the End of the World Train.

Day 3: Navigating the Beagle Channel
 3-4 hours  Hotel
After breakfast, make your way to the tourist wharf where you will board a boat to sail through the Beagle Channel. The tour offers panoramic views of the city of Ushuaia, and of the diverse marine fauna, such as cormorants and sea lions and the islands of Lobo and De Los Pajaros.

If the winds permit, land on one of the island's bridges, where you can see the remains of giant shells and enjoy views of Chile and Argentina.

Next, you can explore Les Eclaireurs, known as the “Lighthouse at the end of the world”.

You will have to pay a local tax in the port of Us $ 4.

Day 4: Ushuaia – El Calafate
Transfer to the airport for your flight to Calafate.

Arrive at Calafate, the capital of the glaciers and gateway to the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Upon arrival, you will be taken to the hotel and have the rest of the day to relax or explore the city. You could also walk to Laguna Nimez in time for the beautiful Patagonian sunset.


Day 5: Perito Moreno Glacier
 6 hours  Hotel
After breakfast, you will start the full-day excursion to Perito Moreno. In Glacier National Park, you will take the route along Lake Argentino where, 80km from El Calafate, the Perito Moreno is revealed by its 70m high walls of ice. Numerous walkways leading to the front of the glacier (there are approximately 5 km gateways) offer both a visual and audio experience, with each different view soundtracked by the constant ruptures and echoes of the iceberg. The tour also includes a short boat trip past the glacier.

You will return to the hotel in the evening.

For the more adventurous, glacier hiking tours with Big Ice or Minitrekking are also available as an addition. For more information on these excursions, just ask!

Day 6: El Calafate, Patagonia
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport or bus terminal in time for your departure.

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