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Kilimanjaro Unlimited

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park
Activity & Adventure
Let the adventure begin! 

You will depart from the UK and fly to Kilimanjaro, where you'll arrive in the morning and be transferred to your accommodation, Aishi Machame Hotel. In the evening, there will be a briefing and equipment check carried out by climbing representatives, whose primary concern is your wellbeing; they'll share with you all the information you need to know about the climb, ensuring you're fully prepared to embark on your adventure. 

On day 2, you'll be picked up and driven approximately an hour to the start of the Kilimanjaro route. Over the day, you'll undertake 4-5 hours of walking, ascending approximately 3,000 meters and trekking through coffee and banana farms, stunning rainforests and heathland, before settling for the night in Machame Camp. This will be your first-day trekking, so we strongly recommend you abstain from caffeine and alcohol, and ensure you're drinking at least four liters of water a day (little by little, rather than in big gulps). 

After breakfast the following day your adventure will continue, ascending 3,720 meters to Shira Camp where you'll be spending the night. Along the way, you'll be granted some incredible views of Kilimanjaro and Kibo Peak. After lunch, you'll undergo an acclimatization hike towards Lava Tower Camp, with a 300 meter gain in altitude; although the hiking will still be relatively easy at this point, it's important you check in with yourself frequently, monitoring your breathing. 

On day 4, you have 5-7 hours of walking ahead as you climb to 3,900 meters, via an epic trek through the lava ridges of the glacier. That night, you'll stay in Barranco Camp with the next day offering 6-8 hours of walking to an ascent of 4,600 meters, with magnificent views of the ice fields serving as a reward for the steep climb. That night, you'll be based in Barafu Camp, waking up early the next day for Stella Point, followed by the trek to Gilman's Point and Uhuru Peak - the summit of Kilimanjaro.

This final day in Kilimanjaro consists of 11-15 hours walking to an ascent to 5,895 meters then descent to 3,100 meters. It's important to remember that most accidents occur during the descent, so be careful of your footing and take all the time you need to work your way back down. 

By the time you reach Millennium Camp in the evening, you'll no doubt be ready for your forty winks!

Please note, whilst climbing Kilimanjaro you will be camping at set points along the way. You will be accompanied by a professional mountain crew and a porter at all times, who are equipped with oxygen systems and trained in first aid. If you have any questions, please call us to chat through this challenging climb in more detail.

Activity & Adventure
On day 7, you'll continue descending from Millennium Camp to Mweka Gate, which is situated in a stunning rainforest. It's around this time you'll begin to feel the effects of the summit wearing off, not to mention the total satisfaction of achieving something rather incredible. 

Once you leave the park exit through Mweka Gate, the entire group will gather to celebrate, as well as sign the guestbook to log your massive achievement. You'll also be presented with a commemorative certificate! 

It's at this point you'll be transferred back to Aishi Machame Hotel in Moshi, where the rest of the day can be spent at your leisure; no doubt you'll want to sit back and relax - you've earned it. 

Mahale Mountains National Park
On day 8, you'll fly to Mahale Mountains National Park. Transfer to your hotel - Kungwe Beach Lodge - where you'll enjoy a tasty lunch before embarking on a relaxing boat safari. 

Over the next three days, you'll have the unique chance to make the most of Lake Tanganyika and its beautiful shores, as well as the amazing opportunity to trek the mountains in search of chimpanzees. Additional activities include forest walks, birding, kayaking, boat safaris, and beach barbecues. With sundowners also thrown into the mix, there really is no better place to conclude the trip.

On Day 11, there'll be one final shared activity in the morning followed by an early lunch in preparation for your journey home. After you've had a bite to eat, transfers will be organized to the airstrip for your flight back to Arusha, followed by a drive to Kilimanjaro Airport for your overnight flight back to London. Traveling back home, you'll no doubt be feeling both amazed and accomplished at everything you've just experienced.

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