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DAY- 11

Roaming Little Rangers

Matobo National Park
Get ready for you and your family to have the trip of a lifetime in beautiful Zimbabwe. You’ll be able to enjoy the glorious scenery at World’s View, discover rhinos up close, visit the spectacular Victoria Falls and relax on your time off.

After you land in Bulawayo, you’ll be whisked further south to Big Cave Camp on day 2, your accommodation for the next couple of nights. When you arrive, you’ll have a bite to eat and can take the chance to unwind because there are no planned activities. It’s a secluded, calm location, so why not take pictures of the balanced rock formations on the Matobo Hills, take a swim in the pool or sit back with a book in the lounge.

On day 3, feeling revitalized, you can get out there and really explore the local area. Take a trip to the local World’s View; you can climb mountainous terrain for stunning views of the rocky landscape and browse the local arts and crafts on sale. Discover more about Zimbabwe’s history by going to the grave of Cecil John Rhodes, a deeply controversial figure from the colonial times, and the close-by Shangani Memorial, a colonial tribute to 34 British soldiers who were killed by thousands of Matabele warriors in 1893.

On day 4, you’ll venture through the nearby national park on a morning game drive. As you traverse the astounding 425 square kilometer area, your guide will describe how it is a haven for white and black rhinos. You’ll be able to witness the grand beasts move around in groups, eat and frolic in the water and more. Make sure to take plenty of pictures. Seeing them will be an unforgettable moment for the entire family.

Hwange National Park
After your stay in Matobo, you will wake on day 5 ready to travel four hours to the west of Zimbabwe, arriving at Hwange National Park, the country’s largest natural reserve. You and your family will be spending this leg of the journey at Bomani Tented Lodge in Ngamo Village. The afternoon is free for you to do what you would like with, so you’ll be able to sit back and watch animals roam at a distance if you wish. Or, if you’re keen to cool off from the sun, you can go for a swim. In the evening, enjoy a private family meal and reflect on your wonderful journey so far.

On days 6 and 7, wake up, have a bite to eat and check out the activities on offer. Your friendly, knowledgeable guide may recommend you go on an early morning game drive - along with another chance to spot rhinos, you’ll also be able to check out elephants, hundreds of types of birds and buffalo. With thousands of miles to journey through and a variety of different routes to take, two days will barely scratch the surface of this immensely diverse natural area.

Victoria Falls
Activity and Adventure
Say goodbye to the national park and prepare yourself for the natural majesty at Victoria Falls. You’ll go on a one-and-a-half-hour drive to your destination of The Elephant Camp. You and your family will have a meal and you can take the chance to unwind. It can be a tiring journey for everyone, especially children, so perhaps some of you might like to have a nap. Cap off the evening with a cruise, where you can enjoy a drink and, if you’d like, dinner too.

On day 9, you’ll discover the expansive beauty of Victoria Falls. A natural wonder of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989, the 2655 kilometers long Zambezi River runs over the Victoria Falls, creating a huge curtain of water and constant rainfall over the local forest. Your guide will take you on a tour where you’ll get to truly appreciate the Falls’ gigantic scale, yet another enthralling must-see part of Zimbabwe. Sit back and enjoy a picnic, reflecting on the sights you’ve seen so far.

On day 10, your last day to really enjoy Zimbabwe, you’ve got a range of choices at hand as to how you spend your time. Cruise on the Zambezi River, the body of water which rages over Victoria Falls; appreciate the local wildlife on a safari, or take in the entire area’s spectacular sights from the air on a helicopter flight. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a fantastic end to a memorable trip.

On your last day, day 11, have breakfast and then you’ll be transferred to Victoria Falls Airport, where your Zimbabwe expedition comes to an end. You and your family have been able to experience exotic wildlife, stunning landscapes and, most importantly, enjoy the time together. It’ll only be a matter of time before you return.