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Trekking the Tea Horse Road


General Tour

After arriving in Kunming, you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel. Spend the afternoon as you please. Take a trip to the nearby Cuihu Lake or head to Yuantong Temple where the temple pools often have turtles swimming in them. In the evening, head to a hidden courtyard restaurant, A Trace, for traditional Yunannese food surrounded by Qing era buildings.

Activity and Adventure

Next, it's on to Lijiang, where you'll be staying in the ancient Naxi minority town of Shuhe. After entering the town through the traditional Chinese gate, explore the cobbled streets and following the winding streams. The next day wake up ready for a day exploring the minority towns that are situated around Lijiang.
Spend the afternoon in Lijiang Old Town where you will visit Baisha, one of the most idyllic villages in the region and the capital of the Naxi Kingdom. Check out the embroidery, it's the local craft of choice and makes for a wonderfully authentic souvenir. You'll also explore some temples and frescos before swinging by Yuhu where the houses are built out of monkey stone. Finish up in Luoshui Village, home to the Mosuo people, the only matriarchal ethnic group in China. During your time here learn more about how this society structures itself and soak up the tranquil surroundings of Lugu Lake.
After a day of culture, it's on to a day of hiking. Ascend Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by way of the chairlift, cable car and walking, reaching an altitude of 5,500m and explore the dry Sea Meadow, the perfect place for a photograph. At the top is a glacier, so be sure to dress warmly - but the view is well worth it, offering one of the most spectacular vistas you will ever see.


The Bivou

The Bivou Hotel is the perfect base to explore the wonders of Lijiang.
Key Facilities
•    Wi-Fi
•    Gym
•    Library
•    Indoor play area


Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo upholds the heritage of Tibetan culture, providing a luxurious experience.
Key Facilities
•    Restaurant
•    Indoor pool
•    Kids club



Amandayan Hotel provides opulent rooms that will redefine your perception of luxury in historic Lijiang. 
Intercontinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort

The beautiful Intercontinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort takes pride of place in Lijiang.
Full day experience
Spend a day on a private tour of Lijiang, a UNESCO protected old town
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Tiger Leaping Gorge
Activity and Adventure

It's time to hit the road and continue to Tiger Leaping Gorge where you'll spend five hours climbing over tough terrain and admiring the vast mountain scenery with views of the river 1,000m below. You'll walk with a guide, so don't worry about getting lost. Spend the night halfway along the gorge at a gorgeous spot boasting a spa and balconies from every room. Anyone for a massage for their aching muscles?


The Halfway Lodge

The Halfway Lodge is perfect for intrepid travellers on the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek.

Overnight experience
Take on one of China’s most renowned hikes along the canyon wall of Tiger Leaping Gorge.
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General Tour

In the morning you will finish your hike and then it's back on the road heading north. You'll arrive in Zhongdian, which at 3,200m is the highest point of your journey so far. It’s also a great place to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture and explore the numerous Tibetan Buddhist monasteries surrounded by mountains and grasslands.
The next morning you'll swing by the Songzanlin Monastery, one of the most significant centres of Tibetan Buddhism. Built in the 17th century, it is also the largest temple in Yunnan. Admire the gold painted roofs, which stand out dramatically against the natural backdrop of mountains and grasslands. In the afternoon it’s time to trek around Napahai, a large grassy meadow which turns into a lake during the wet season. It attracts rare species such as the black-necked crane as well as more common yaks.
Songtsam Retreat

Interact with local Chinese communities by day and stay in luxury by night.
Arro Khampa

Nestled on a world-famous trade route, this inviting hotel introduces guests to the history of Tibet.

Songzanlin Monastery and Napa Lake

Full-day experience
Immerse yourself in the stillness of the Tibetan Songzanlin Monastery and the serene Napa Lake.
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Activity and Adventure

Continue your journey and visit the Jinshan River and Nixi Pottery Village before heading on to Benzilan. Located in the beautiful Three Parallel Rivers area, the town is surrounded by the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween rivers. The landscape here is something else, with its snow-capped peaks, glacier-forged gorges and traditionally terraced fields. Make the most of this lush area and head off on a hike, before returning to your lodge to relax in the Tibetan-style surroundings.

Meili Snow Mountain
Activity and Adventure

Continue to Meili Snow Mountain National Park, a journey of around four hours through spectacular scenery. On the way visit the Tibetan Dhondrupling Monastery. Continue to Meili which is on the border with Tibet and allows you to get close to the Himalayas without requiring a Tibetan Travel Permit. All the rooms at your lodge have stunning views of the glacier.
The next day you'll rise early ready to visit the Feilai Temple in time for sunrise at Meili Mountain. As the sun rises, the dawn light bathes the mountain in golden hues of orange and red – it’s quite a remarkable sight. From here it’s on to Mingyong Glaciers. It’s considered a sacred spot, so be sure to keep respectfully quiet on the hike.

General Tour

You'll finish up in Chengdu where you can spend your remaining time in China as you please. Relax at a local teahouse or tuck into some traditional Sichuan cuisine and reflect on everything you’ve learned and conquered during your time in this extraordinary country.

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