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Wild Cats
Central Valley
Day 1 of this once in a lifetime trip has arrived, and you can’t contain your excitement at the thought of all of the exciting wildlife ready to uncover!

You’ll touch down in San Jose, Costa Rica’s cultural capital. Idyllically located in between the Talamanca Mountains and picturesque volcanoes, this is just the start of impressive landscapes for you to adore. After you check into your room at the Hotel Bougainvillea, take a moment to rest to admire the exceptional garden lawns, where green macaws and hummingbirds provide the perfect soundtrack to a blissfully relaxing scene.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Tour
La Paz Waterfall Gardens Tour
Full-day experience
Walk the winding trails of these biodiverse gardens and uncover the dazzling white waterfalls.


South Caribbean Coast
This morning you'll awake to a delicious breakfast before being whisked off to the magical sights of Costa Rica's South Caribbean Coast where you'll be catapulted straight into the arms of the Sloth Sanctuary, which is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sloths and the conservation of their rainforest habitat. Enjoy the heartwarming sights of these gentle creatures, as you embark on The Buttercup Tour. Here, you’ll take in informative and exciting facts about sloths, from their habitat to special habits that make them so unique. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a wild sloth or two during the captivating 45-minutes canoe ride. You can also embark on the Insider's tour, gaining a private behind the scenes tour of the Slothpital clinic, and gaze upon the extreme cuteness of the baby sloths in the nursery.

The following morning you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet in the vibrantly decorated Cariblue Beach & Jungle Resort, before heading off on a morning tour of the Jaguar Rescue Center. Get ready for an animal experience you've never had before! You'll be impressed by the local knowledge of expert guides, as you learn all about their mission as an animal rescue center. And alongside the elusive jaguar, you'll also encounter other members of the big cat family, alongside sloths, ocelots, anteaters and a whole host more. Watch in amazement as cheeky monkeys swing through the treetops and tropical birds color the skies.

Day 4 sees yet more enticing wildlife, as you follow the prints of wild cats on an exciting jungle hike, where not only footprints await, but a stunning natural rainforest habitat. You'll be taken to the deep depths of the Selva Bananito Forest, help to monitor the hidden trap cameras and follow this phenomenal big cat on his jungle journey. Watch out for telltale signs and Jaguar footprints the size of your hand! You'll feast on delicious local delicacies throughout the day and if the rain stays away, you’ll get the chance to stay overnight at the platform itself.

Spend days 5 and 6 at your own leisure, uncovering the extensive landscape of Selva Bananito Eco Lodge. No electricity and no phone signal mean you can really get back to nature. From bird watching to more unique hikes, there is something for everyone to explore in these exciting surroundings. And when the evening beckons, you can head back to your beautifully designed cabin, standing tall on its stilts for the perfect candlelit meal. Caribbean romance abounds at its best


Braulio Carrillo National Park
Swapping one spectacular lodge for another, today you’ll arrive at the Tapirus Lodge in the heart of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. Located northeast of San Jose and stretching across 117,842 acres of lush land, you’ll pull on your hard-wearing walking boots as you jump straight into some nocturnal action with a guided naturalist hike. As you wander through rusty rocks and flowing river streams, you’ll delight at the sounds of howler monkeys, bats, sloths and other cozy nocturnal creatures residing in the moonlit treetops.

After waking up in your secluded Superior Cabin, indulge in some traditional Costa Rica cuisine before embarking on a Regular Trekking Adventure tour: This 5km adventure hike is perfect for those explorers who really want to get to grips with the depths of what the rainforest has to offer. Get up close to flora and fauna, and really feel at one with nature as you wander the tantalizing trails. Stop off for a tasty picnic lunch by the river and relax next to the gentle waves of the calming waters.

Osa Peninsula
Today, you’ll be heading to the remote Osa Peninsula, at the end of Costa Rica’s remarkable Pacific Coast. And the first adventure to be had? That will be a night hike through the flourishing rainforest, where you'll gain the opportunity to explore the nocturnal activities of your favorite animals! As the night darkens, so will your senses, as you allow your guide to steer you through the forest. Listen out for the nighttime rituals of the jungle, absorbing the intoxicating sights and sounds. From enormous secular trees showing their true size, to the scurry of small animals that go unnoticed during the day, you’ll be fascinated by what you see.

Spring out of bed in the scenic surroundings of the El Remanso Rainforest & Wildlife Lodge and set foot on a 3-hour Corcovado National Park tour. Known as one of the most biodiverse places on the entire planet, you’ll uncover yet more wonderful wildlife as you walk the trails of the stunning La Leona and Sirena Ranger Stations. Boasting some of the best opportunities in Costa Rica for wildlife viewing, you’ll marvel at the viewings of impressive wild cats and endangered wildlife such as tapirs, not to mention the various species of monkey and two types of sloth.

On your penultimate day on this astonishing Peninsula, you’ll rise with the spotting of some of Costa Rica’s most abundant birdlife on a morning tour at Matapalo. Also known as the "last wild frontier" of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula is home to around 400 species of birds, so you’ll certainly be kept on your birdwatching toes. Listen to the cry of the White Hawk and soak up the flashes of red as the Scarlet Macaws whizz over your cabin. If you get up in the early hours, you might be fortunate enough to capture magical moments of hummingbirds drinking from the morning dew. In the afternoon, you'll stretch your legs on a lengthy guided nature hike through the abundant fauna of this lush rainforest.

On Day 12 you’ll head for home with a flight from San Jose, bursting with incredible memories and photographs from your wildlife adventure.

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