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Mayan Riviera Adventure
Riviera Maya
After a flight full of anticipation, you'll touch down in Cancún, from where you'll be taken to your new home for the duration of your Mexican adventure – the Hotel Andaz Mayakoba. Set within the beautiful resort of Mayakoba in a prime beachfront location, the Hotel Andaz is the jewel in Mayakoba's crown.

The resort was designed to blend in with its natural surroundings, and to complement rather than detract from the stunning scenery. As a result, there is no end of coves, caves, beaches and woodland stretches to explore. There'll be time for all of that, of course, but for now, you'll want to enjoy a complimentary dinner before relaxing and taking in your new surroundings as you recover from your journey.


Riviera Maya
General Tour
You'll wake feeling rejuvenated – it's amazing what a comfortable bed in such lush surroundings can do – and eager to explore. After breakfast, you're off on a private tour to Tulum archeological site and Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, giving you the opportunity to experience both the ancient world and the natural world. Beginning in Sian Ka'an you'll explore the marshes, mangroves, and flora of the natural waterways, including boat rides, before heading to Tulum, where temples to the gods of the wind and rain dominate the dramatic landscape.


Riviera Maya
Activity & Adventure
Today your adventure steps up a gear with a private snorkeling tour of Dos Ojos cenote. Cenotes are ancient natural sinkholes, and this one was considered sacred to the Mayan people – it's easy to see why. The cave is striking, flooded with crystal-clear blue water, lined with colorful rocks and lit by shards of light from above. The cave system is vast but worries not – you'll have your own private guide who will meet you in the hotel lobby, drive you to Dos Ojos, and take you on a short jungle walk to one of the world's largest underground rivers. Here you will be taken through the cave's many chambers to see the stunning stalagmites and stalactites.


Activity & Adventure
There are more exciting discoveries to be made on day four, with an all-day private tour to Chichen Itza Maya ruins. These ruins are popular with tourists, but you'll enter through a private entrance, avoiding stress and feeling like a VIP. You'll have your own knowledgeable guide who will offer fascinating insights into life in the pre-Colombian city, and show you sights such as for sacrificial cenotes, sacred temples, and even an ancient ball court. You'll then have the opportunity to explore the dark depths of the Kukulcan Pyramid, home of the rarely seen Chac Mool sculpture, before lunch and dance performance at the nearby Mayaland Resort.


Riviera Maya
By now you'll have seen so much of the surrounding area, you might feel like you've not spent enough time at the resort. Today there's a chance to discover more of its sights, sounds, and facilities while you recharge your batteries following the past few days' adventuring – and with three outdoor pools and a private stretch of beach, there's nowhere better to do so.


Riviera Maya
Activity & Adventure
A blend of adventure and luxury today, as you enjoy a private tour of Rio Secreto, a nature reserve featuring a magical underwater river beneath Quintana Roo. You'll see ancient stalagmites and stalactites, and journey through clear turquoise waters as you explore the cave system's many vast chambers. Then, you'll be treated to a private candlelit dinner on the beachfront at the hotel. It's the perfect end to your adventures through the historic Yucatán Peninsula, but your holiday is still nowhere near its conclusion…


Riviera Maya
Your holiday takes on a new dimension, with four full days to enjoy Mayakoba to the fullest. There are ample walking, cycling, and jogging routes through the resort, as well as pools and beaches, plus plenty of opportunities to pamper yourself at the full-service spa. Enjoy music by the pool, sample authentic Yucatán cuisine, immerse yourself in the local culture, or simply drink in the natural beauty of the area – you'll have the chance to do all this and more, before heading off on your private transfer to Cancún Airport on day eleven for your journey home.


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