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Transfer from the airport in the city of La Paz. and transfer to the hotel
14:30 – 17:30 On this tour we will visit the wonderful city of La Paz, where we will appreciate the cultural, historical, architectural and natural wealth. Visiting very important places such as The Murillo Square, The Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Church of San Francisco, the replica of the semi-underground temple of Tiwanaku, the Quilli Quilli viewpoint, important museums of the city, we will also visit the Valley of The Moon passing through the residential neighborhoods of the southern part of this city, during the tour we will serve refreshments, then return to the center of the city. Duration 3 hours
Hotel Naira in La Paz based on double room
Pick up from the hotel with the tour to Tiwanaku. On the way, we will pass by the Lloco Lloco viewpoint where we can observe the immense Andean plateau, the sacred lake and the highest peaks of the Cordillera Real. We continue the journey to the archaeological center of Tiwanaku, visit the archaeological museums, where the remains of pre-Columbian cultures are kept, then we will take a tour of the archaeological site where we will appreciate the archaeological sites such as the pyramids of Akapana, Kantatayita, the Semi-subterranean temple, Kalasasaya, the paragraphs of Putin, the Puerta del Sol, the temple of Pumapunku, etc. We will also visit the conventional and lithic Museum of Tiwanaku, then we will walk through the main arteries of the town of Tiwanaku, which the guide will give us the historical, architectural explanation of the National Monument Church. Upon returning to La Paz city, we will visit the town of Laja. A historical place where the city of La Paz was founded for the first time. We return to the bus and go to the Ibero-American Capital of Culture. Duration 8 hours
Hotel Naira in La Paz based on double room
Day 3
Pick up from the hotel at 07:30 hours and depart at Hrs. 08:00 in the direction of the population of Copacabana, Arrival to the Sanctuary of Copacabana, accommodation in the respective lodging. Lunch. We start the package with the visit to the Virgen Morena church, continue the journey ascending to the Horca del Inca astronomical observatory, then we will go to the Court of the Inca, and from up there we can appreciate the sunset in one of the lakes badly high of the world. We return to the lodge and then we will go to the restaurant for the respective dinner. Break.
Hotel in Copacabana based on double room
07:30 After serving breakfast, we will go to the port to board the boat heading to Isla del Sol, we will arrive in the town of Challapampa where we will start a walk to the sacred rock, a mythological place from which the legend of Manco originated Capac and Mama Ojllo, then visit the archaeological sites such as the Chicana and the terraces. Lunch. Later we will return to the pier to embark and we will go to the town of Yumani, where we will visit the Inca steps, the Sacred Fountain and also the Pilcocaina palace. We will return to the population of Copacabana on the way we will appreciate the majesty of the Cordillera Real. Upon arrival at the port, we will go to take and accommodate us on the bus that will take us to the city of La Paz.
Transfer Out to La Paz Airport
19.30 Air ticket from La Paz to Uyuni 
20:30 Transfer from the airport and transfer to the hotel in Uyuni based on double room

10:45 Departure from Uyuni to the Train Cemetery that is located about 10 minutes from the city of Uyuni - The Salar de Uyuni has an approximate area of 10,582 km2. The salt crust has an average thickness of 6 to 10 meters deep, constituting the largest salt layer in the world, estimated to rest around 10 billion tons of salt or sodium chloride, lithium, boron, magnesium, potassium, strontium, etc. - Hotel de Sal First hotel built with adobes de Sal, it is located inside the salar and works only as a museum visitors can walk and take pictures inside the hotel - Isla Incahuasi Tourist attraction of extraordinary Beauty in it is a number of giant cactus that can reach up to 12 meters high at the end of the tour you can see the sunset
Hotel Magia in Uyuni based on double room

03:00 to 07:00 Sunrise
08:00 Transfer from the hotel from Sal to Uyuni to continue with the trip to the city of Potosí
14:00 to 17:00 City tour and tour to the mines visit the mining market, visit the Women Mining (Palliris), visit a mining cooperative located in the Cerro Rico de Potosí at 4262 m.s.n.m. Inside the mine, we visit the mineworkers who still extract the minerals through manual procedures from the colonial era (the visitor can manipulate the tools of the miners, take photographs, film, etc.), visit the uncle of the mine, visit Tata K'ajchu.
18:00 Departure to private transport
21:00 Arrival in Sucre and transfer to the Hotel in Sucre based on double room
09.00 – 12:00 Morning Visit to the beautiful city of Sucre, visiting the main square, the Museum of the House of Liberty or the Recoleta Museum (optional), the San Francisco Javier University building, a walk through the city where you can appreciate the Colonial architecture of the city.
14:00 – 17:00 In the afternoon visit to the Cretaceous park where you can see more than 24 replicas of different dinosaurs on a real scale, including 12 species of dinosaurs, which coexisted at the end of the Cretaceous period.
Cal Orck'o, is the most extensive dinosaur footprint site in the world. So far, more than 10,000 dinosaur footprints have been found in the Cal Orck'o Farallon, traces that can be seen from the Cretaceous Park
Hostal in Sucre based on double room
10:00 Transfer from the hotel to the Airport
11:00 Air ticket from Sucre to La Paz
11:45 Arrival in La Paz
Free afternoon
Hotel in La Paz Naira Hotel based on double room
Transfer out to the airport.


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