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Waterfalls & Penguins
General tour
The day for your family adventure to Chile is here at last! Pack up any last-minute items before hopping aboard your plane to Santiago. You’ll be met by a guide and taken to your hotel, Luciano K, where the evening can be spent at your leisure.

Tomorrow you'll be heading straight to the Atacama Desert.

Santiago City Tour
Santiago City Tour
Half-day experience
The beautiful buildings and stunningly scenic views of Santiago will captivate your undivided attention.

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City tour "de Los Barrios”
City tour "de Los Barrios”
Half-day experience
Embark on an exciting tour of city exploration as you take a peek inside the epic evolution of Santiago.

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Classic Culinary & Food Experience
Classic Culinary & Food Experience
Half-day experience
Wander the local food markets and watch in admiration as your chef whips up a truly sensational feast.

Atacama Desert
General Tour + Activity & Adventure
On day 3 you’re off to one of the driest places on earth – the Atacama Desert. Check into your hotel and get a good night's sleep, ready for your desert adventure tomorrow.

Day 4 begins with a private half-day excursion to the Atacama Salt Flat. You will also visit the Salar de Atacama, an imposing salt lake spanning over 3000sqkm, its surface covered by a thick layer of snow-white salt crystals caused by the evaporation of the lake’s water. The world’s largest lithium deposits are found here, but the salt flat is also home to several flamingo species, including the Andean, Chilean and James flamingo, who feed on the micro-organisms found in the saline lagoons. 

Get to know the Atacama Desert even better on day 5, with a half-day excursion to Ayllu de Coyo, which will give you an insight into daily life on a traditional farm in the Atacama region. 

In the evening, visit the San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Observatory, and learn about the basics of astronomy whilst getting a glimpse of the distant stars and galaxy through a telescope.

General Tour
On day 6, you'll head back to Santiago, where the evening can be spent at your leisure: we recommend getting plenty of rest though because tomorrow you'll be traveling to Puerto Varas!

Puerto Varas
General Tour + Activity & Adventure
On day 7, Puerto Varas will welcome you with open arms. Arrive at your accommodation, the comfortable Cabaña del Lago.

You'll be spending the remainder of your trip in Puerto Varas, exploring the Chilean Lake District by car will give you the opportunity to see the region's highlights. 

Adventure seekers may choose to join in with a white water rafting excursion for the ultimate adrenaline thrill, or explore the Osorno Volcano and Petrohué Falls where you can hike across lava fields and marvel at the astounding views over Lago Todos Los Santos. On your final day, you may wish to take a trip to see the 'pinguinera' (penguin colony) at the mystical Chiloé Island! 3km off the mainland of Chile, the island is just a short barge ride away yet feels worlds apart thanks to its peaceful atmosphere. The colony is home to both Magellanic and Humboldt penguins who nest here between November and March.

Finally, you’ll head home with new precious family memories to cherish forever.

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