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“I climb behind the steering wheel… I drive off immediately without once looking back; it’s a long journey, but it leads to freedom.” – Corinne Hofmann. In an era when cruises and air travel have defined foreign journeys and exotic trips, we offer a life-transforming journey which will lead you inwards. You will experience exhilaration, independence, adventure, appreciation, happiness and create lasting bonds. Only, you would be embarking on an epic journey crossing 18 countries, covering a distance of 16,000 km in 52 days from India to London via road. With a hattrick of leading India to London expeditions, Road to London has become synonymous with Adventures Overland. After receiving an overwhelming response for Road to London 2017, 2018 and 2019, we have yet again launched Road to London 2021. This expedition will ensure that you live through some of the most unforgettable experiences like exploring pagodas & self-drive on the 16 lane Yangon-Mandalay Expressway in Myanmar, drive on the ancient Silk Route in China & Central Asia, visit the historic city of Tashkent, hike on the Great Wall of China at the Jiayuguan Pass, drive through the Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan, gorge on crepes, fries and Belgium waffles in Brussels to crossing four countries in a day and more! Let go of your inhibitions and fears. Embark on one of the most challenging road-trip of your life from India to London, customised to your convenience and comfort. We promise you some fantastic memories!

India, Myanmar, Thailand

Who’s ready for a life-transforming journey? The next 52 days are likely to be some of the best of your life. Start driving towards the Tamu-Moreh border, the first of many international border crossings on this epic journey. Myanmar will soon have you swooning over with its ancient pagodas, scenic lakes and incredibly friendly people. Feel the calm as the spiritual vibes of Bagan and Golden Rock take over. After spending five nights in Myanmar, get back on the road towards the Myawaddy-Maesot border to reach Thailand. Time for some authentic pad Thai, coconut & lime Panang curries & sticky mango rice as you get a taste of Thailand. Three countries in a week, we are definitely off to a flying start.

Drive through China

Laos, China

Exit Thailand and cross into Laos. Enjoy a short night stay in the remote, yet charming Luang Namtha, before continuing onwards to China. 18 days are yours to feast on Sichuan cuisine, discover ancient history, explore the Great Wall of China and be spellbound by the futuristic roads, tunnels and bridges. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Leshan Giant Buddha, carved into the side of Mt. Lingyun, the colossal statue, which is over 1,300-years old and considered to be the largest stone Buddha in the world.

Chengdu - China


When someone says Chengdu there are generally two things which come to mind, Pandas, which are native to Sichuan, and the fiery centrepiece of Sichuan cuisine called hotpot. A trip to the Ming Great Wall is also on the cards. Not only do you get to experience the grandeur of The Great Wall of China, but you will also get to escape the crowd. Continuing our drive through some of the most unexplored parts of China, slide or ride an ATV and lose yourself in the vast Gobi Desert, breathtaking desertscape, and azure blue sky in Dunhuang. Drive through Xinjiang, the largest region of China, which is a confluence of Chinese and Central Asian culture. It is bordered by eight countries and is home to the Turkish-speaking Muslim Uyghur. The food is going to be a memorable part of this journey. Lamb kebabs, a staple of the Uyghur diet, will make you drool with their scent & taste. Also, you will get to relish warm nan bread, something you’ll find throughout Central Asia. A walk through the winding streets will take you through several mosques, perhaps the finest example of Islamic architecture.

Osh - Kyrgyzstan

China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

After perfecting your chopstick skills and learning about thriving Chinese culture, we will continue onwards to ‘Stan’ countries. The first on our list will be Kyrgyzstan that will have you driving on the high altitudes of Irkeshtam Pass, negotiating hairpin bends, looking over steep valleys and driving amidst snow peaked mountains. After taking plenty of stops to admire painting-like landscapes in Kyrgyzstan, we will continue our drive through ancient Silk Route and enter Uzbekistan, the 7th country on our list.


Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia

From hopping bazaars to eating the national dish – plov in Tashkent, the drive through Uzbekistan will take you back in time with its rich cultural heritage. After witnessing staggering yet underrated mountain ranges, we continue onward and enter Kazakhstan, the 8th country on our odyssey. During our three nights stay in Kazakhstan, you will get ample time to soak in the desert air while driving through the pages of history! From the 9th largest country to the largest country in the world, one more border crossing and you will be driving your India registered vehicle into Russia. Now that surely deserves a pat on your back.

Prague Czech Republic

Russia, Latvia, Lithuania

Fairytale castles, straight up vodka, and intriguing culture. Driving through sprawling Russia will be nothing less than magical. In a short duration, you will get familiar with Samara, Penza and Moscow. Though it will be hard to leave Russia, the lure of Europe will put you back in the mood. Entering the Schengen Area comes with its own benefits. No more border crossings while zipping from one country to another. Get in the celebration mode and enjoy some free time exploring Vilnius’s charming old town, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Europe’s largest baroque capital.

Prague Czech Republic

Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom

The last week before Road to London 2021 culminates, they say, the journey must go on. Take time to explore the bustling and vibrant capital of Warsaw for some quintessential introduction to Polish culture. The next stop will lead you to the city of Prague. Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires.” After tasting Czech beer and strolling its fairy-tale streets, the convoy will soon move out of Czech Republic, onto the Autobahn of Germany and on fast-track mode to Belgium. Tick off another country of your list as you drive through Brussels gorging on Belgium waffles, sipping unique beers, tucking into a bowl of mussels and fries and topping the day off with treats from a chocolatier. Embark on a short ferry ride from Calais, France to Dover, UK. Soak up your last dose of driving and feel the astonishment of how much you’ve seen on this expedition as the group comes together for our last and final stop, Westminster bridge with London eye in the background. Your heart will be touched by so many people whom you’ve come across in the past 52 days and you will be standing on the other side of this road-trip with a sense of achievement and pride. You will look back on this epic journey with the fondest of memories and the utmost gratitude.

Things to expect on Road to London
“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.”

After successfully organising and leading Road to London expedition consecutively in 2017, 2018 and 2019 here are some points from our experience that are worth mentioning, so you come not just packed but also prepared for this rewarding and life-changing journey.

Food: We believe that cooking and eating in a foreign country is the surest and truest way to experience a country. That’s why we make the best possible arrangements for you to sample the best of local delicacies and regional dishes that will leave your taste buds forever in debt! Also, we carry an emergency stash of packing Indian food for the days when you miss and crave our good old Indian food. Please also consider that there will be some days when the food options will be limited and you may not get the best choices of food items that you are used to, those are the days when your understanding would be highly appreciated.

Border Crossing: Road to London is a cross border expedition, which means that you will be crossing through multiple borders during the journey. Passing through land borders is a completely different experience compared to airports. Border crossings can be unpredictable and extremely slow. Although we make all the necessary arrangements beforehand to make the border-crossing process smooth and quick, you may still have to wait for many hours at certain borders. Patience will be a massive virtue at the borders!

Accommodation: At the end of a long-distance driving day, we understand the sheer importance of a warm and comfortable stay for you to kick your legs up and relax. That’s why we have carefully picked the best hotels and resorts throughout the journey. However, in some remote areas (Kazakhstan and Laos), we will be staying in homestays or will be using more than one property to accommodate the group due to lack of any big hotels. On one particular day in Kazakhstan during a homestay, you may have to share a bathroom with your fellow participants.

Long-driving Days and Early Starts: No distance feels long in good company. The Road to London is a tried and tested route, where all things are planned carefully to ensure maximum comfort for you. Every single driving day has been planned after carefully analysing and researching on the road conditions and facilities on route. There will be days when you will have to wake up very early and drive all day long before reaching the destination. On some days, even though the distance may not look too long but you will have to make an early start as we may have many sightseeing activities planned during the day. Trust us, once you reach London, you won’t even remember the time when you had to leave your cosy bed a little early, but you will undoubtedly cherish the tiring days on the road.

Planned Sightseeing: It is always the unplanned things that you remember rather than the planned ones! Despite the best of planning and efforts, there’s still the possibility of a few hiccups along the way – breakdowns, bad weather, border issues etc. don’t come announced and these can cause delays which may force us to skip some planned activities.

Rest Days: Shop, sleep or go sightseeing… The motto for rest days is “Your Day, Your Way”. We haven’t planned any activities around the rest days so you can enjoy complete freedom to plan your day as per your interest. So, go ahead and catch up on sleep or shop to your heart’s desire or just tick off all the local sights… the choice is yours.
If you need any help to plan your day, feel free to knock on the door of your tour coordinator’s room for assistance.

Route Planning: It is fascinating to be out on the road and even more exciting to take pit-stops and detours! But the route for Road to London has been carefully planned by professionals to ensure that you have the best experience, without compromising on your safety and comfort. Our task is to make you reach London by road…safely and on time! We have to obtain special overland driving permits, and permissions from government bodies in many countries and some countries don’t permit us to divert from the designated route. All cars will have to continue driving on the predetermined route throughout the journey.

Is the above schedule fixed?
We like to stick to the designed schedule as much as possible. But, all participants must be prepared for changes in route due to uncertain weather conditions, road blockages and any other probabilities.

What kind of Vehicle will I need?
We recommend 4X4 Vehicles as some terrains may have gravel & dirt roads, high altitudes and steep climbing. Such a vehicle will withstand all terrains and give you a comfortable driving experience as well.

Can we take our own car or will you arrange one for us?
You have both options available. All vehicles will need paperwork like Carnet de Passage, which is like a passport for your car. We will assist in procuring the same whether the vehicle is owned by you or rented from us.

Will vegetarian meals be an issue?
Most regions offer vegetarian food, though it may not be lavish. We will also be carrying some meal options with us in case of emergencies.

What about medical assistance in case of any emergency?
Our crew vehicle will be equipped with first aid kits and basic medical supplies. You must carry any prescribed medications that you take with you in abundance, as those may not be readily available in these countries.

Will you help us procure all documents?
Yes, we will help you get all the relevant documents like Visa, Carnet de Passage, permits and permission needed for driving across multiple borders. You will also be briefed about rules and regulations applicable in all the countries we will cross.

What all documents will be needed?
A detailed list will be mailed to you well in advance. We will assist you with each and every step with respect to procuring all the relevant documents both for you and the vehicle.

What driving experience do I need?
As long as you have an International Driving Permit and are comfortable with driving, you are welcome to join the team. No particular driving experience across borders or hilly terrains will hinder you, as we will be there throughout to help and guide you. In case you aren’t comfortable driving an SUV by yourself, you can still join this expedition. We will either club you with other participants or offer you a seat in our vehicle, to ensure that you have a comfortable journey.

What is the average group size?
We would like to limit the group size to a maximum size of 25 people.

What about Vehicle breakdowns and other maintenance?
Our crew will always be there to help you with breakdown and emergency situation.

Will fuel be readily available?
Although fuel will be available throughout, but we still recommend everyone to carry Jerry Cans in case of non-availabilty in remote terrains.

Visa and Passport requirement?
We will be processing 10 visas for Indian passport holder to cover the entire journey. The participant must have passport validity until December 2021 and 20 clean pages.

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