As the world leader in travel experiences since 1947, we connect you to the real Russia in a way like no other. Majestic and complex in equal measure, the Russia we share will fascinate at every ornate turn. Our journey will take you into the heart of its people and its politics, a terrain traversed on what has been declared the most beautiful metro system found anywhere on Earth. The Nevsky Prospect of St Petersburg will take us from ancient cathedrals to new-age boutiques, while a trip to the Red Square of Moscow will launch a grand love affair with Russian architecture. Study masterful paintings and warm up over vodka and warm Borscht beetroot soup. When that’s all done, a night at the Russian ballet confirms this country has it all. Pack your warm clothes and ushanka hat for an encounter with the country that sprawls over 17 million square kilometres. It's the largest country on the planet, but Trafalgar knows precisely where to go.Travel with us and unlock the infinite possibilities thanks to our exclusive Triploves Highlights.

"Taking our guests to Russia I often feel like we are entering a fairytale land, a most delicious blend of magic and mystery, architectural gems and vaste open space, enormous cultural wealth and precious moments of pure simple delight. Its simply marvellous"



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Ancient cathedrals, ornate Russian architecture, masterful paintings and a night at the ballet, Russia is majestic and complex in equal measure. It's the largest country on earth but your expert Trafalgar Travel Director will take you to the heart of Russia.

Our top 3 things to do in Russia

A star shaped fortress, a storybook town square and a subway maze with unimaginable architecture. When you tour Russia with Trafalgar, you will uncover a country both beautiful and complex.

Visit the 18th-century Peter and Paul Fortress

A visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress will connect you with the fascinating contrasts of Russia. The fortress holds the history of war times within its star shaped design, whispering stories of imprisonment, torture and oppression. Inside the Peter and Paul Cathedral, opulence and colour will show you the country’s romantic history.

Stroll down the Nevsky Prospect in St Petersburg

From ancient mosaic-covered cathedrals to new-age boutique shopping, Nevsky Prospect is a street of St Petersburg that perfectly encapsulates the many layers of Russia. Lose track of time in the iconic Literary Cafe and connect with theatrics at the Mariinsky Theatre.

See the Red Square by night

Appreciate Russia’s quirks and character in the dynamic Red Square of Moscow. With the storybook monuments of St. Basil's Cathedral and Spassky Tower of the Kremlin within its realm, this vibrant intersection is the heartbeat of the city. Arrive for sunset and watch the colour and energy of the Red Square transform.

Best museums in Russia

The enviable dominance of Russia only heightens when it comes to culture, with the State Hermitage Museum holding the largest collection of paintings in the world. The Russian museums we share with you on Trafalgar will stir you from one ornate corner to the next. 

State Hermitage Museum

Possessing the largest collection of paintings in the world within its 3-million strong body of art, the State Hermitage Museum is a Russian monument with immeasurable significance. Found within the Palace Embankment along the Neva River, you will simultaneously admire art and absorb a regal corner of the city.

Museum of Russian Vodka

Steeped in folklore and heritage, Vodka is woven through the social customs of Russia. Visit the Museum of Russian Vodka in St. Petersburg to understand the ancient fermentation processes and enjoy a splash or two complemented by traditional snacks like dill pickles and raw fish on bread.

The State Tretyakov Gallery

Moscow’s terracotta coloured Tretyakov Gallery will present you with Russian fine art at its best, found within a mythical-like building in the heart of the city. Allow time for Moscow’s Museum of Modern Art to appreciate the evolution of culture and art in this part of the world. An essential activity on a trip to Moscow with Trafalgar.

Best food in Russia

A trip to this country is not usually taken in the name of food. But just a day here on tour with Trafalgar will reveal that Russia is an underrated culinary destination. Dumplings and pancakes are just the beginning. 


Visitors from abroad often approach the beetroot soup of borscht with caution, but realise its immense appeal at first spoonful. Complement the delicious tart taste with a hearty scoop of sour cream and a side of potatoes or hard-boiled eggs.


Russia’s flour pancake, bilini, gives new maturity to a childhood staple. Try with common garnishes of caviar, raw salmon, cream cheese or capers; each elegant mouthful will bring something new to your palate. This is an ancient Slavic ritual you will want to preserve.


Authentic and delicious dumplings can be found beyond the borders of Asia. A Russian delicacy of minced meat inside unleavened dough, pelmeni is rarely tried in a small serve. The country’s most moreish menu item, you will want to devour many of these dumplings on your trip to Russia.

Warm clothes

With many Russian cities experiencing around 6-months of snowfall, the chance of encountering a chilly day is very high. Purchase the traditional fur hat known as ushanka as both a practicality and souvenir.

Loose fitting pants

With bilinis and pelmenis rarely served in other parts of the world, you may want to experience a sizable share when visiting Russia. Loose fitting pants will allow you to lose yourself in the tastes without losing any comfort.


With a reputation for out-of-order cash machines and signs that read ‘credit card not accepted’, arriving prepared with cash is a sensible idea. US Dollars and Euros can be easily exchanged when you travel to Russia.

Small souvenirs from your home country

The etiquette of giving a small gift is much appreciated in Russia, particularly when someone has hosted you or offered particular assistance on your journey. Keep a few small souvenirs from your home country on hand in case the occasion calls.

A sense of calm

Busy cities, fast cars and unpredictable weather may interfere with your adventure. Travel through Russia armed with a sense of calm and the moments of joy will always prevail.

What to pack for Russia

Other things to know before you go

Depending on your nationality, you'll need a valid passport and may also need visas to enter. Please check this well in advance of your trip departure date here. Some countries also require passports to have 3-6 months left on them before the given expiry date, so be sure to double check this before booking your travels.

Road Trip Adventures

Slide into your seat, grip the wheel, start the engine, and hit the open road. From Norway to South Africa, the tundra to the rainforest, there is no limit to what you can reach with four wheels and an adventurous spirit. The road trip is no longer a means to get from point A to point B in your country; it crosses borders into new places, allowing for pure freedom in exciting destinations. Measure your next journey in viewpoints, road signs, and the people you'll meet along the way!

Guide to Russia Visa Application

Learn about the types of visas and the step by step process of obtaining a visa for Russia and quarantine regulations in this comprehensive guide.

  This includes types of visa applications, what to declare, and what is prohibited.

Keep in mind these handy tips for a smart, stress-free, and on-time visa application experience! 

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