You can make your trip less stressful by reading some driving tips in Bulgaria before you go. Our guide goes over some rules and regulations, speed limits, and additional things you should be aware of before driving your rental car in Bulgaria. Let’s go!


  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road.

  • Seat belts must be worn by all occupants of the vehicle.

  • Children under the age of 3 or less than 150cm tall must use the correct child seat

  • Children over 150cm may travel without the child seat but in the back.

  • The use of mobile phones while driving is forbidden unless you have a hands free set.

  • The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.5 mg.

  • The usage of your car horn is prohibited at all times and in all areas. The horn can be used only in avoiding road accidents.

  • In one-way streets, parking is only on the left

  • You are not allowed to wear dark sunglasses, high heels or flip flops while driving in Bulgaria.

  • Eating and smoking at the wheel are also forbidden.

  • During the winter months (November 1 – March 1) drivers must have their headlights on at all times.

  • Winter tires are required when driving during the winter in Bulgaria. Snow chains are permitted and may be required based on road conditions. Mandatory use will be signposted.


  •  Within city Limits                      50km/h(31 mph)

  •  Outside city Limits                    90km/h(55 mph)

  • Expressways with divider         120km/h (74mph)


  • All cars must carry a red warning triangle

  • First aid kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Reflective jacket

  • Spare wheel

  • Lifting tool (jack)

  • Wheel wrench


  • Bulgarian police may stop you to check your documents and you must carry them on you at all times.

  • A road tax applies outside the main towns on roads marked “vignette”. Vignettes can be bought from gas stations across the country as well as at border crossings, post offices, and branches of DZI Bank.

  • Take extra care when driving in rural areas as some roads are bumpy and in bad condition.

  • There are no toll roads in Bulgaria.

  • Speed cameras are installed on many main routes across the country so make sure that you don’t break the speed limits.

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