Driving in Sri Lanka may differ from what you are used to. Please read up on the traffic rules and regulations before beginning your journey with your car rental.


  • Always drive with caution as pedestrians and animals often appear in the road without warning.

  • Vehicles do not stop at pedestrian crossings.

  • You will need an international driving permit and a Sri Lankan recognition permit to drive in Sri Lanka.

  • If you rent a car in Sri Lanka, you will be able to enjoy a road trip throughout the entirety of the country. This will give you the freedom to visit any destination you wish and spend time on the many beaches and in gorgeous natural landscapes. As Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country you will be able to peruse the many temples on the island and drive to places like the Royal Botanical Gardens or Horton Plains National Park. Whatever you decide to do while in Sri Lanka let us help you make your trip even more special with the means to see and do more. We look forward to handing you over the keys!


Generally in towns and cities the speed limit is 60kph. When driving on highways the speed limit increases to either 100kph or 120kph depending on the road. The bad news is that actual speed limit signs are rare in Thailand. You’ll often see a sign stating “City Limits – Reduce Your Speed”, but rarely will signs include the actual speed limit for that zone. Take care however – speeding is a very serious problem on Thai roads, and each year many people are killed in road traffic accidents.


Here are the compulsory documents and equipment to carry:

  • Warning triangle or hazard warning lights must be used in case of an accident or breakdown (recommended that warning triangle always be carried).

  • A driving licence

  • Car registration papers

  • Insurance documents

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