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Want to share the joy of travel with a group? We make it easy with our group travel packages. Choose from over 300 award-winning group trips, or use our Group Travel Specialists will help you tailor your perfect bespoke group holiday. However you want to go, round up your friends and family and create the greatest travel stories you’ll ever tell on our group travel tours.


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The power of shared experiences through travel

Our group tours make it easy to explore the world, with an expert team of Group Specialists, Travel Directors, Drivers and Local Specialists, all working to make you travel dreams real. Get your friends and family together and have the holiday of a lifetime.

Group tours with real ease

When you travel with Trafalgar, you’ll not only join like-minded travellers, but you'll benefit from our 74 years of travel expertise across all seven continents. We make it easy by including all the essentials like the perfect accommodation, delicious meals showcasing regional flavours, included sightseeing, the latest luxury coaches, plenty of free time, and passionate Travel Directors and Local Specialists who bring your travel dreams to life on your group trip.

Dedicated Group Specialists

If you’ve got a group of ten or more people who want to travel together, our Group Specialists make it easy. They’ll guide you through the process and help you find your perfect trip, or design your own group trip from scratch. With attractive group benefits, exclusive coaches, customised trips and expert support, there’s no better way to take your dream group holiday.

Unlock the joy of travel

Our group tour packages will show you the joy of travel through real connections. Connect with locals at our Be My Guest experiences, where you’ll learn about their lives and share home-cooked meals with families around the world. Your journey continues at night with our Stays With Stories, where you’ll sleep in history-filled castles, farms and hotels. You'll also Make a Difference through experiences that directly support the people and places we visit.

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All you need to know about

Group Travel

What are the advantages of group travel?

Where should I travel in Europe?

When you take a group trip with Trafalgar, we take the stress out of travel by planning all the logistics, so you just have to focus on having your perfect holiday. Our Travel Directors will unlock the real heart of the destinations you visit, and you’ll also get to share your experiences with like-minded people, who might even turn into life-long friends.

Europe is an incredible continent filled with some of the world’s favourite travel destinations. Our group tours travel to more than 45 countries in Europe, and some of our top destinations include Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Croatia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We also love the lesser-known gems like Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania.

What time of the year is best to travel?

Why is travelling good for your health?

The best time of year to travel depends on what you’d like to experience. If you prefer sunshine and beaches, the best time is June to August (summer in the Northern Hemisphere including Europe and North America). If you want to experience fluffy snow and festive cheer, the best time to travel in the Northern Hemisphere is December to February.

Travelling is good for your health both physically and mentally. The fun and excitement of travel reduces your stress levels and releases happy hormones, while the movement of travel (like wandering around cities or hiking trails) keeps you physically fit. Your brain gets a workout too, as all the new experiences and challenges improves your memory muscles and brain longevity.

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