Winter is one of the most magical times of year and our winter holidays during the festive season make the most of the season. With Trafalgar, you'll experience the magic of Europe in winter, with powdery snow, twinkling Christmas markets and mugs of mulled wine. See the natural spectacles of winter like the Northern Lights in Iceland. Or chase the winter sun to the beaches of Italy, Spain and Thailand, and the mystical deserts of Jordan and Morocco.


Winter wonderlands, Christmas markets & winter sun

The world's protected national parks are some of the most beautiful places on earth. Ancient canyons and forests, glittering lakes and waterfalls, mountains that stretch far into the starlit sky - and that's just scratching the surface of what makes these destinations so special.

Experience the magic of winter

The best winter holidays embrace the beauty of winter. Explore the snowy peaks of Scotland and the winter-white carpets of Russia. Experience a land of fire and ice, with the ancient volcanoes, bubbling hot springs and northern lights of Iceland, roam the rolling green hills of England, or see the stunning winter dunes of the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

Chase the winter sun

Prefer the sun and sea on your winter holiday? It’s time to escape the winter blues and chase the winter sun. Come for a drive along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, soak in the Dead Sea in Jordan, walk through the sunny plazas of Spain, or explore the ancient sights of Israel. Our winter sun holidays will have you dosing up on Vitamin D from the beaches of Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam, to the deserts of Egypt and Morocco.

Festive cheer in Europe

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Our winter travel experiences take you to the enchanting Christmas markets in Europe, with winter holidays to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Scandinavia. Watch the city squares come alive with fairy lights, festive food, Christmas stalls, handcrafted toys, joyful carols and old-word traditions. You can even visit Santa in his village in Rovaniemi in northern Finland.

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Winter Holidays

Is Europe worth visiting in winter?

Where is it warm in Europe in December?

You’ll see another magical side of Europe in winter, with twinkling lights, cosy feasts and stunning snowy landscapes. Europe is well worth a visit in winter, with plenty of experiences you can only have during the winter months. See the Northern Lights in Iceland, explore the Christmas markets in Europe or go skiing in the Alps.

Most of Europe is covered in snow during winter, but you can still chase the winter sun. The best warm places to visit in December and January are Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus, with temperatures usually hovering around 20°C. You’ll miss the summer crowds and it may even be warm enough to swim at the beach.

What are the best European Christmas markets?

Where should I go for winter break?

Visiting Europe's Christmas markets is a magical way to spend your winter holiday. The best Christmas markets in Europe are found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Moscow in Russia. You’ll discover enchanting fairy lights, festive food, handmade crafts and a beautiful blanket of snow. Get cosy with a mug of hot chocolate and join in the Yuletide cheer.

With so many different winter travel experiences, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Europe comes alive with the Christmas markets, while Iceland dazzles with the Northern Lights. Explore the beautiful landscapes of England and Scotland, or chase the winter sun to warmer destinations like Italy, Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Thailand and Vietnam.

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