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As the world leader in travel experiences since 1947, you’ll connect to the real Switzerland in a way like no other. Consume smooth milk chocolate in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Ride a horse and carriage through alpine forests, and spend hours adrift on idyllic lakes. These are just some of the moments we will share with you in the breathtaking country of Switzerland. Here you will connect with the heart and history of the country on its oldest mountain railway, have an encounter with Charlie Chaplin in his final home and take a trip to the 15th-century vineyards of Cave Champ de Clos. This country is a blend of everything that is wonderful about Europe, drawing fragments of influence from its borders with France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Between the contemporary museums we visit and the secluded towns we admire, you will appreciate the cultural heritage behind a cheese fondue. Perhaps more than once. The wealthy country of Switzerland will leave you belly-full and emotionally rich, hooked on life in the Alps.Travel with us and unlock the infinite possibilities thanks to our exclusive Triploves Highlights.

"Switzerland is a country that has to be seen to be believed and it's always a special moment to watch our guests lay eyes on the Swiss Alps for the first time."

Travel Director

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Sample smooth milk chocolate in the Swiss Alps, sail on idyllic lakes, ride horses through alpine forests, see Charlie Chaplin's final home and explore 15th-century vineyards - these are just some of the moments your expert Trafalgar Travel Director will share with you in the breathtaking country of Switzerland.

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Our top 3 things to do in Switzerland

We'll take you through the pristine natural beauty of this country, with a trip that's filled with moments of awe. Lakes, grapevines and alpine forests prove it's not just the hills that are alive in Switzerland.

Cruise Lake Geneva

On a sunny day, there’s no better way to tour Switzerland than by water. Gaze at the country from its largest lake and learn something new about its shores, choosing a historic paddle boat, passenger ferry or cocktail-sipping sunset cruise.

Take a horse carriage ride through the Alps and Rosegg Valley

The alps are home to an endlessly romantic trail that can be taken on horse carriage ride. Rug up in blankets for this fairytale experience through alpine forests, arriving at a destination of snow capped mountains and an impressive glacier. The kind of views imagined when dreaming up a Switzerland trip.

Discover the 15th-century vineyards of Cave Champ de Clos

The Conne family have been producing wine for centuries in the heart of the UNESCO heritage region of Lavaux. Be hypnotised by rows of terraced vineyards then retire to the stone cellar to taste the vintages they have produced.

Best museums in Switzerland

There's more to this landlocked country than army knives and chocolate. With Trafalgar, you will gain a deeper understanding of Switzerland through these must-visit museums.

Swiss National Museum

There is a reason this is Switzerland's most frequently visited museum of cultural history. Inside, you will immerse in the past and present through some 840,000 objects. From bronze Age bowls to silver knight’s armour, nowhere else will deliver such a rich and comprehensive insight into the Swiss.

Zentrum Paul Klee

The namesake of this museum is one of the 20th century's most important artists. Step into the space to quietly take in his artworks, you might find yourself lost in the famous cubism inspired 'Insula dulcamara' or colourful jigsaw that the German-Swiss genius was most famous for.

Charlie Chaplin museum

The property where Charlie Chaplin spent his last years provides an intimate glimpse into the iconic entertainer's life and work. Be moved by a walk through the vast estate, where you will marvel at his original bowler hat and boots, hear tales from friends and touch painstakingly replicated movie sets.

Best food in Switzerland

Baked potato, melted cheese and genuine chocolate. The culinary delights of Switzerland were designed with only the pleasure of taste in mind, and it's an indulgence Trafalgar is only too happy to share with you.


Once a farmers’ breakfast, Rösti is now a plate popular amongst the Swiss. One bite into this crisp baked potato and you will be hooked. Luckily, the country's many regions boast their own versions, offering an excuse to sample many during your tour of Switzerland.

Swiss chocolate

Chocolate aficionados will find no shortage of pleasure in the smooth chocolate of Switzerland. The birthplace of Lindt, Toblerone, Mövenpick and more, a banquet of cocoa will be enjoyed here in the name of culture.


There is more to this classic fare than dipping bread into a pot of melted cheese. It’s a sacred pastime. To the Swiss, fresh bread and bubbling creamy Gruyere is incomplete without one vital ingredient: good company. Indulge in authentic fondue in Switzerland in the company of new friends.


Even in summer, layers are vital in Switzerland. Temperatures differ throughout through the country and can get particularly crisp in the higher mountains.

A phrasebook

A phrasebook with the national languages of German, French and Italian is essential on a tour of Switzerland. If you really can’t spare the space, download them to your Google Translate app offline.

A pair of sunglasses

Summer or winter, a pair of sunglasses is essential. If visiting in the colder months, the reflection of the sun on the white snow will give your eyes a surprising strain.

Swiss Francs

Switzerland may be at the core of Europe, but this country abandoned the Euro many years ago. Though you can still use them in some larger establishments, but it's better to arm yourself with plenty of Francs so you're never caught short.

A small digital camera

The picturesque lanes, neoclassical architecture and stunning landscapes mean you’ll be walking a lot to soak it all up. Bring along your own reusable water bottle and stay hydrated the eco-friendly way.

What to pack for Switzerland

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Other things to know before you go

Depending on your nationality, you'll need a valid passport and may also need visas to enter. Please check this well in advance of your trip departure date here. Some countries also require passports to have 3-6 months left on them before the given expiry date, so be sure to double check this before booking your travels.

Road Trip Adventures

Slide into your seat, grip the wheel, start the engine, and hit the open road. From Norway to South Africa, the tundra to the rainforest, there is no limit to what you can reach with four wheels and an adventurous spirit. The road trip is no longer a means to get from point A to point B in your country; it crosses borders into new places, allowing for pure freedom in exciting destinations. Measure your next journey in viewpoints, road signs, and the people you'll meet along the way!

Guide to Switzerland Visa Application

Learn about the types of visas and the step by step process of obtaining a visa for Switizerland and quarantine regulations in this comprehensive guide.

  This includes types of visa applications, what to declare, and what is prohibited.

Keep in mind these handy tips for a smart, stress-free, and on-time visa application experience! 

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