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Discover the world from a different angle with our sail & cruise holidays. Whether you’re dreaming of island-hopping through the Mediterranean, or taking an epic voyage to the wilds of Alaska or Antarctica, our boat tours are designed to ensure all you need to think about is exploring your dream destination while watching the world float by.


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Enchanting rivers, sunny islands & Arctic wilderness

There’s a whole world of adventures beyond the shore and our cruise tours take you to the waters to find them. Get your sea legs on the glittering Aegean Sea, navigate the channels of the Mekong, or cross the ocean to Antarctica.

Enchanting river cruising

Experience the best river cruises from Europe to Asia with our cruise holidays. Float down Europe’s famous rivers, from the scenic Rhine to the romantic Danube. Explore the emerald cliffs of the Yangtze in China, the longest river in Asia, or glide through the jungles of the Amazon, the largest river in the world.

Explore the world’s final frontiers

Looking for an epic ocean adventure? Our cruise holidays take you where few others have gone before, from the northern reaches of Alaska, to the frozen shores of Antarctica. Sail past the towering fjords of Canada and the glaciers of Kenai, or go in search of penguins and whales on the Great White Continent.

Sun-soaked sailing

Our sailing holidays and sun cruises are all about dosing up on Vitamin D and soaking in the sparkling seas. We’ll hop around the Greek Islands, go sunset sailing along the Dalmatian Coast with a glass of champagne, and cruise the Aegean to the ancient lands of Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Cyprus.

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All you need to know about

Sail and Cruise Holidays

What is a cruise holiday?

Where can I sail in the summer?

A cruise holiday takes you around the world’s greatest destinations on board a cruise ship. A cruise ship is like a large floating resort, with all the comforts of a hotel and plenty of activities onboard. A cruise holiday is perfect for those looking to explore by land and sea.

Some of the best destinations for summer sailing holidays include the French Riviera, the southern islands of Thailand, the Mediterranean coastline along Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy, and the Aegean Sea around Greece, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus and Egypt.

What should I wear on a boat holiday?

Where is the best place to sail?

What you pack for your boat tour or sailing holiday varies wildly between destinations. If you’re sailing in the Mediterranean, it’s best to wear light, quick-drying clothing and non-slip deck shoes. Be sure to pack your swimsuit, hat and sunglasses. If you’re cruising in Canada or Alaska, you’ll need warm layers including a water and windproof jacket for outdoor activities.

Around 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, making for plenty of great places to sail. Some of the best places for sailing holidays include the Greek Islands, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Montenegro’s coastline, and the Aegean Sea. We also love the Whitsundays in Australia, New Zealand's Milford Sound, and Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.

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