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Few travel experiences compare to seeing the incredible wildlife of the world up close. From the jungles of India to the plains of Africa, our safari tours and wildlife holidays take you closer to nature. Experiences like wildlife spotting in South Africa’s national parks, seeing the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, and looking out for the Bengal tigers of India in their natural environment, will be memories you'll never forget.


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Incredible wildlife, stunning landscapes & ancient cultures

Witness the circle of life in action with our safari travel experiences. We’ll take you deep into the animal kingdoms of the world, from the red deserts of Namibia to the jungles of Northern India.

See the world’s greatest animals

From spotting the Big Five of Africa to the big cats of Asia, a wildlife holiday is one of the world’s most thrilling experiences. Our Local Specialists will take you from the leaping wildebeest of the Serengeti and the giant elephants of Botswana, to the white rhinos of Namibia and the lions and leopards of Zambia. Venture east to India, and you’ll encounter hyenas, bears and the mighty Bengal tiger.

Connect with ancient cultures

Go beyond the wildlife and landscapes to discover the cultures of the places we go. On our safari trips you'll connect with the culture like visiting a Swazi Chief’s village in eSwatini, or meeting the Maasai warriors of Kenya and watching a powerful jumping display. Learn how to drum and speak Xhosa in South Africa, or meet the OvaHimba tribe in Namibia and gain insight into their ancient hunter-gatherer traditions.

Explore spectacular landscapes

You’ll go on safari in some of the most beautiful places on earth with our safari tours. See the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the world’s largest waterfall, or Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest peak in Africa. Explore the dense forests of Ranthambore in India, the rolling mountains of South Africa, and the blazing dunes of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia.

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All you need to know about Safari Tours

Are African safaris dangerous?

What is the best month to go on an African safari?

Every African safari trip has an element of danger, but it’s easy to stay safe if you follow the basic safari rules. Always keep your entire body in the vehicle, don’t make any loud noise, turn off your camera flash, don’t walk around at night alone, wear boots and socks in the bush, and always listen to your safari guide.

The best time to go on an African safari tour varies between the different seasons of East and Southern Africa. Generally, the best months to go are the dry season months of June to October. During this time, animals migrate and are easier to spot as they gather around the few remaining water sources.

Is Safari better in Kenya or Tanzania?

What is the best place to go on safari?

Both Kenya and Tanzania are excellent destinations for your African safari travel experience, as both are home to the Big Five and the Great Migration. While Kenya is known as a superb place to see big cats, black rhinos and exotic animals like the sitatunga, Tanzania has the world's largest concentration of animals, including the largest concentration of cheetahs and unique animals like tree-climbing lions and African wild dogs.

The best places to go on a safari holiday are Kenya and Tanzania where you can see the Big Five and the Great Migration. You can also spot the Big Five and other incredible wildlife in South Africa and Zambia. We love going on water safaris in Botswana, seeing desert-adapted wildlife in Namibia and spotting tigers in India.

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