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Experience the mystery and magic of Europe’s castles with our Castles & Knights tours. We’ll take you on a fairytale journey to some of the best castles in Europe, where you’ll discover ancient history, medieval traditions and spectacular architecture. Stay in real-life castles in Wales and grand châteaux in France, and see some of the world’s most beautiful castles like the Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired Walt Disney.


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Medieval castles, grand châteaux & fairytale palaces

Discover the secrets of the world's castles with your Local Specialists. Hear thrilling tales of bravery and betrayal, learn the histories of feuding lords and ladies, and dine like Kings and Queens in stately castle rooms.

See the best castles in Europe

Our castle tours will show you some of Europe's best, including the enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and Bran Castle in Romania, once thought to be the home of Count Dracula. Enjoy a private tour of the famous Windsor Castle in England, or visit Doune Castle in Scotland, featured in films and shows like Monty Python and Game of Thrones.

Discover the history of Europe’s castles

We’ll reveal the secrets and stories behind Europe’s castles. Discover the eclectic refurbishments of Cardiff Castle in Wales, and visit Glamis Castle, once the home of the Queen Mother. Explore Stirling Castle in Scotland, home to Mary, Queen of Scots and several Scottish Kings over the centuries. You can even cruise past Wray Castle on England’s largest lake, which inspired the likes of Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth.

Stay with Stories in real-life castles

With our castle travel experiences, you’ll get to spend the night in some of the grand castles and châteaux of Europe. Stay at the award-winning Lodge at Ashford Castle in Ireland, where you’ll enjoy a royal dining experience. Indulge in a delicious Welsh dinner in Ruthin Castle, before retiring to your regal sleeping quarters. Or step back in time with a stay in the elegant 16th and 17th-century Château de Beauvois in France.

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All you need to know about Castles and Knights

How many medieval castles are there in Europe?

Which country has most castles?

There are thousands of medieval castles in Europe, although the exact number is not known. Some of the most famous medieval castles in Europe include Windsor Castle in England, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, Mont Saint Michel Castle in France, Bran Castle in Romania, the Castle of Coca in Spain, and the Ksiaz Castle in Poland.

Germany has the most castles, with at least 20,000 castles, including the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle and Heidelberg Palace. Most castles in Germany are over 100 years old. Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country. Known as the Castle Capital of the World, the country has over 600 castles, including Conwy Castle, Cardiff Castle and Raglan Castle.

What is the oldest castle in Europe?

Which country has the best castles?

Reichsburg Cochem is the oldest castle in Europe and one of the oldest castles in the world. It’s located in Cochem, Germany, and is believed to have been built around the year 1000 by the Palatinate count Ezzo. The first recorded documentation of the castle dates back to 1051 when Ezzo’s oldest daughter, Richeza, gave the castle to her nephew.

You’ll find the world’s best castles scattered all over the world. Our castle tours take you to Germany’s Gothic palaces, Romania’s medieval castles, France’s majestic châteaux, Japan’s feudal castles, Spain and Portugal’s romantic palaces, and the ancient fortresses of the United Kingdom. We also love Croatia’s medieval castles and the Czech Republic’s fairytale castles.

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