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5 Hidden Gems You Must Experience in Scandinavia

There’s no wonder Scandinavia consistently takes out the title for The Most Content Place on Earth. With all those majestic fjords, colourful canals and Narnia-like snowscapes, we’d be pretty happy if we lived there, too.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Scandinavia on our Nordic Adventure or Best of Norway trips, you can look forward to all of the above – plus a smorgasbord of regional delights and insider stories from our Local Specialists and expert Travel Directors.

Tick off the icons, and then discover these Hidden Gems that reveal the true spirit of Scandinavia.

1 Stockholm’s watery wonders

The Stockholm archipelago is famed for its magical waterways and beautiful buildings. Our Stockholm Discovery Cruise is a chance to see the archipelago’s lesser-known highlights. An antique steamboat ferries you through the city in style, and then out into the countryside past elegant cottages to arrive at the stunning Lake Malaren. A Local Specialist will be on hand to share insider tips and draw your attention to Sweden’s many hidden attractions – such as the Vasa shipwreck, an ornate 17th century galleon, which lay rotting in Stockholm harbour for over 300 years before being salvaged.

2 Royalty on the Riviera

Get a glimpse of the traditional Nordic way of life at the ancient fishing villages where the first Danes would have settled. After sampling the hygge delights of Denmark’s cosy capital, we sail to these remote towns before winding our way along the North Zealand Riviera for a unique insight into the country’s history. Afterwards, visit Frederiksborg Castle, the largest Renaissance palace in Scandinavia, where you can stroll around the stately apartments and pay your respects at the chapel where all of Denmark’s monarchs were crowned between 1671 and 1840.

3 The mysteries of Norway’s mountains

As we cross the border into Norway, we’ll make a pilgrimage to Lom, the picturesque gateway to the snow-capped Jotunheimen Mountains. As well as giving you a panoramic view of Norway’s stunning nature, Lom is also where you can find a rare 12th century wooden Stave church. Here you will be regaled with secrets from Norse legend, admiring the church’s fascinating runic inscriptions and carved dragons put in place to protect against evil spirits.

4 Arctic adventures

Embark on a voyage of discovery across Norway’s soul-stirring icy landscape to reach the world’s northernmost fishing village. Few venture this far north, but those who do are never disappointed. Our Ultimate Arctic Adventure cruise takes you on a 90-minute journey around the Gjesværstappen, home to an amazing array of Arctic wildlife. Puffins, kittiwakes, gannets, guillemots, and even rare white-tailed eagles; these rocky islands accommodate them all. Spot the seals as you sip a steaming hot chocolate on the deck.

5 Sounds of Scandinavia

Visit the house where the great Romantic composer, Grieg wrote his acclaimed sonatas on our Best of Norway trip. A guided tour of the villa lets you experience first-hand the inspiration for many of Grieg’s finest works. You’ll also have a chance to marvel at Bergen’s breathtaking views by taking the funicular railway up one of the hills the city is named for.

To uncover some of our favourite Hidden Gems in Scandinavia, explore our Nordic Adventure and Best of Norway trips now.

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