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Armenian Visa

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Going to Armenia and need to know the latest Armenian visa requirements, Armenian visa application processing time or need to make an Armenia visa appointment? Use the links on this Armenia visa website to learn more

Armenian Visa Requirements

Whether you need an Armenian visa will depend on the travel document you are using to travel to Armenia and your nationality.

Generally speaking, if you are a national of a country that is on the visa free country list for Armenia, then, you do not require a visa for a short trip such as tourist purpose.

If your country of nationality is not on the visa free country list, then you need to apply for an Armenian visa at the nearest Armenian embassy or consulate or visa processing office at your country of permanent residence.

Generally, if applying for Armenian visa as a family, all family members must provide their own individual documents. Every applicant who is submitting documents is expected to attend an appointment in person at the visa office of the embassy or their appointed visa aaplication center.

Armenian Visa Processing Time

When applying for an Armenian visa, make sure you submit your application within the given time frame.

The time frame given below is a guide only as visa rules change according to your nationality and personal cirumstances.

Please contact the Armenian visa office to get more info the visa process time for visa :

  • The earliest: Three months before the date of your planned departure to Armenia.

  • The latest: Two weeks before the intended date of travel to Armenia.

  • Recommended: at least 3 weeks prior to your trip, so you can avoid any possible delay at the embassy.

Armenia Visa Appointment

Making visa appointment with the Armenian embassy or visa application center is generally free and can be done by yourself.

Please contact the Armenian embassy or visa application center in your home country or vist the Armenian embassy website to book visa appointment.

Please Note: In individual circumstances, you may be asked to produce additional documents. Armenian embassy procedures and policies can and do, alter overnight. We take no responsibilty for any such changes or any transaction initiated directly between an applicant and the Armenian embassy.

Steps to Applying for Armenian visa To apply for an Armenian visa follow the steps given below:

  • Check if you need to apply for an Armenian Visa.

  • Know when is the right time to apply!

  • Figure out what type of Armenian visa you need.

  • Find out where you should lodge your application.

  • Fill in the right Armenian visa form.

  • Collect the documents required for Armenian visa.

  • Make a visa appointment.

  • Attend the visa interview.

  • Submit your biometrics.

  • Pay the visa fee.

Please Note: Please consult Armenian embassy in your country as visa regulations for Armenia can and often change overnight. In individual cases, additional documents required for Armenian visa. We accept no responsibility as we have no affiliation with the embassy of Armenia or their visa section.

Going for a visa interview at the embassy? The visa officer at the Armenian consulate will look over your application and ask you questions if they wish to clarify anything. It is best to answer these questions honestly.

Typical questions asked at the Armenia visa interview include:

  • What is your purpose of your trip to Armenia?

  • Do you know anyone living in Armenia?

  • What is your current occupation?

  • How long have you been in your current occupation?

  • If you are a student, when will the studies finsh?

  • How will you suuport yourself whilst in Armenia?

  • Have you ever travelled to other countries?

  • Who will pay for your trip to Armenia?

  • What are your plans when you return from your trip?

  • What will you do if your visa application is rejected?

  • What is your marital status?

  • Will you be involved in business whilst in Armenia?

Common reasons why your Armenian visa application got rejected include:

  • Lack of funds – you must be able to afford your trip Armenia and you must provide documents to show that you can.

  • Proof of accommodation not provided – you must be able to show where you will be staying in Armenia and you can easily do this by providing a hotel reservation in Armenia.

  • The visa officer thinks you will not return to your home country – you must make it clear that you intend to leave Armenia and return to your home country before the expiry of your visa. You can do this by providing documents that show you have ties where you live, such as an employment letter or proof that you own your home etc.

  • No proof of residence – you must be able to prove that you can live in the country of your residence legally, so you must provide proof of residence.

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