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Italy in June: Fairs, festivals, football and feasting

Italy offers a plethora of lively events across the country in June, with the Sagra di Sant’Antonio and Sagra di San Pietro in Venice as well as Palio della Marciliana in Genoa plus so much more. Attend one of these colourful parties and you’ll have unique memories to cherish forever from your Italy holiday. All you need to bring is sunscreen and smiles!

In Venice on 13 June, the feast of St. Anthony is celebrated – as well as across the rest of the country – but this city certainly knows how to party with sumptuous style the best. A vast fair is set up at Prato della Valle, where you can delve right into the festivities by strolling the market stalls for bargains and watch performances in the narrow streets. Don’t forget to fill up on the delicious snacks available at every corner though, as this is after all the ‘feast of all feasts’!

From 25 to 29 June Sagra di San Pietro di Castello is celebrated in the last week in June and sees a festival explode onto to the last remaining grassed campo in Venice. Witness premium comedy, music and performances and sample some of the incredible food which is for sale around the canals.

Will you be in Firenze on 24 June? If so there is a fantastic event in the town centre called Calcio Fiorentino which sees a 16th century football match take place, complete with players dressed head to toe in medieval costume! This goes on until 28 June, but be there for the opening night on 24 June for the impressive fireworks display from the terraced gardens which overlook the city.

Biennale in Italian means every other year and that’s just how often the Venice Biennale takes place, this year with events taking place throughout June. This vast art exhibition includes the Venice Film Festival and a vibrant dance section which always draws the crowds.

This summer enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine while you soak up Italy at its best; laughing, dancing, eating and pulsating with vibrant life.  Celebrate in the way only Italians know how, with an unmatched blend of fervour, energy and elegance.

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