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As the world leader in travel experiences since 1947, we connect you to the real Vietnam in a way like no other. Vietnam is a land of iconic scenery, with the towering limestone karsts of Halong Bay, and the conical-hatted hawkers of the Mekong River. The wondrous beauty stretches throughout the country, from the emerald rice paddies in the north, to the powdery white beaches in the south, with magical caves, waterfalls and jungles in between. It’s a country that’s soaked in tradition, where superb museums commemorate the past, and ancient pagodas stand calmly as waves of motorbikes rush through the pulsing cities. When you take a Vietnam holiday with Trafalgar, you’ll see the traditional floating houses in Cua Van Fishing Village, meet the local farmers in Thanh Dong Organic Village, explore the ancient Imperial Citadel of Hue, and watch the legends of Vietnam play out in a Water Puppet theatre. You'll also indulge in the famous Vietnamese cuisine, with a delicious seafood dinner on Halong Bay, and a lunch of local delicacies in Hoi An. Travel with us and unlock the infinite possibilities thanks to our exclusive Triploves Highlights.

"Vietnam is home to some incredible natural wonders, from the world's largest cave and the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia, to the mighty Mekong River and the iconic Ha Long Bay."


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Vietnam is a land of iconic scenery, from the limestone karsts of Halong Bay, to the conical-hatted hawkers of the Mekong. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and explore the wondrous beauty and tradition of Vietnam, from the emerald rice paddies and powdery beaches to gleaming temples and ancient cities.

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Our top 3 things to do in Vietnam

Our Vietnam holiday packages reveal the magic of the country, from the magnificent Halong Bay and the ancient citadel of Hue, to the local farmers in Hoi An.

Take a dreamy Halong Bay cruise

Board a traditional Vietnamese junk boat and cruise the emerald waters and limestone karsts of Halong Bay. We’ll visit Tien Ong Cave and Cua Van Fishing Village, enjoy a swim at one of the golden beaches, then watch a cooking demonstration and the dazzling sunset on the boat, where we’ll sleep for the night.

Visit Cua Van Fishing Village

We’ll visit the ancient Cua Van Fishing Village on our Halong Bay cruise, and stop to meet the locals who live in the traditional floating houses. It’s the largest fishing village in Halong Bay, with around 180 floating houses set on gentle waters surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains.

Enjoy a Water Puppet performance in a local theatre

The Water Puppet performance is a northern Vietnamese art form, which paints the story of rural life in Vietnam a thousand years ago. The puppeteers stand in waist-high water to represent flooded rice fields and you’ll be swept up in the legends they tell through their dancing puppets.

Best museums in Vietnam

Our Vietnam escorted tours will reveal the country’s best museums, from the ancient My Son Temples to the resting place of President Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Located in Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the final resting place of President Ho Chi Minh, the iconic Vietnamese Revolutionary leader. Known to his people as ‘Uncle Ho’, his body is preserved in a glass case and protected by a military honour guard.

My Son Temples

The My Son Temples are a complex of ancient Hindu temples, built between the 4th and 14th century to worship the god Shiva. It was once the site of royal religious ceremonies and the burial place for Cham royalty, and today you can explore the ruins of this UNESCO-listed site.

Temple of Literature

One of Hanoi’s most beautiful sites, the Temple of Literature is an ancient complex built in 1070 and dedicated to Confucius and scholars. It’s also home to the Imperial Academy, Vietnam’s first university and you can see the historic pavilions, turtle steles, courtyards, a lake of literature and the Well of Heavenly Clarity.

Best food in Vietnam

An organised trip to Vietnam with Trafalgar will ensure you taste the best of Vietnam’s incredible cuisine, from warm bowls of pho to fresh goi cuon rolls.


One of Vietnam’s most famous dishes, pho is a noodle soup that’s loved all over the world. It’s made from a slow-stewed beef broth poured over rice noodles, and topped with slices of chicken or beef. You can also add a variety of herbs, sauces and chilli to your tastes.

Banh Xeo

Banh xeo is a thin crepe filled with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and fresh herbs. It’s a classic northern Vietnamese dish with French influences, and the best way to eat it is cut it up in bite-sized pieces, roll it up in lettuce leaves and dunk it into the zesty side sauces.

Goi Cuon

Also known as rice paper spring rolls, goi cuon are light and fresh rolls with plenty of flavour. A rice paper wrapping is filled with bean sprouts, lettuce, meat or tofu and other crunchy vegetables. It’s best served with a sweet or spicy sauce for dipping.

Reef-safe sunscreen & insect repellent

An adaptor plug

Protect yourself from the harsh sun with SPF 30 or higher and protect the reefs with reef-safe sunscreen. You’ll also need to pack some DEET insect repellent to avoid any nasty bites.

In Vietnam, the standard voltage is 110 / 220 V and the power plugs and sockets are of type A, C and D. The standard frequency is 50 Hz.


Vietnam is lined with spectacular sandy beaches, and you’ll also need a swimsuit for swimming in the turquoise waters of Halong Bay.

Versatile clothing

Vietnam is a massive country with a myriad of climates, from the chilly northern mountains to the blazing southern jungles. Pack versatile layers to be prepared for all weather.

Vietnamese phrasebook

Learning a few Vietnamese words and phrases can be a rewarding part of your trip and will help you to have more enriching encounters with the locals.

What to pack for Vietnam

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Other things to know before you go

Depending on your nationality, you'll need a valid passport and may also need visas to enter. Please check this well in advance of your trip departure date here. Some countries also require passports to have 3-6 months left on them before the given expiry date, so be sure to double check this before booking your travels.

Road Trip Adventures

Slide into your seat, grip the wheel, start the engine, and hit the open road. From Norway to South Africa, the tundra to the rainforest, there is no limit to what you can reach with four wheels and an adventurous spirit. The road trip is no longer a means to get from point A to point B in your country; it crosses borders into new places, allowing for pure freedom in exciting destinations. Measure your next journey in viewpoints, road signs, and the people you'll meet along the way!

Guide to Vietnam Visa Application

Learn about the types of visas and the step by step process of obtaining a visa for Vietnam and quarantine regulations in this comprehensive guide.

  This includes types of visa applications, what to declare, and what is prohibited.

Keep in mind these handy tips for a smart, stress-free, and on-time visa application experience! 

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