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As the world leader in travel experiences since 1947, we connect you to the real Germany in a way like no other. It might be famed for its hurried Autobahn, but Germany is not a country we rush through. Covered in woodlands, forests, quaint villages and emerging cities, Trafalgar will show you that this destination is more than the sum of Berlin and Bavarian beer. Here, you will admire a castle that inspired the story of Cinderella and soak up the enormity of the country’s turbulent past. On a day in Dresden you will appreciate German resilience over the intricacies of Baroque architecture, whilst an encounter with the capital will dish up a banquet of museums and progressive cultural. With a hunger for sausages and traditional clothes of dirndl or lederhosen packed in your bag, a trip to Germany will leave you with memories to cherish for years to come. Travel with us and unlock the infinite possibilities thanks to our exclusive Triploves Highlights.

"I love showing guests the depth of German culture and cuisine; it lets them experience how truly multifaceted Germany really is!"



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Covered in enchanting forests, Cinderella-inspired castles, quaint villages and emerging cities, a trip to Germany will leave you with memories to cherish for years to come. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and discover why Germany is more than the sum of Berlin and Bavarian beer. 

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Our top 3 things to do in Germany

When you explore Germany with Trafalgar,  we'll connect you with Bavarian beer heritage, nostalgic castles, Baroque architecture and political complexities.

Explore Neuschwanstein castle

Used as inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella film, the castle of Neuschwanstein stands with impossible grandeur in the hills of Bavaria’s Hohenschwangau district. Originally built for King Ludwig II who only spent 11 nights in the castle before his death, it now enchants visitors aplenty. Our trip to Germany would not be complete without it.

Embrace the Bavarian rich beer brewing heritage

Governed by a set of 16th century rules that determine purity, beer brewing in Germany is a cultural art form. Peel back the layers of beer culture to gain a deeper understanding of its significance, as we visit some of the 1300 breweries found here.

See the remnants of the Berlin Wall

Once dividing the German capital both physically and politically, what remains of the 155 kilometre long Berlin Wall has been largely dressed in thought-provoking graffiti. Feel the emotion of our visit, celebrating its symbolic demolition in 1989 and commemorating this dark patch in German history.

Best museums in Germany

Packed with breathtaking moments and cultural significance, museum hopping is an important part of any trip to Germany. With Trafalgar, you'll step from the tumultuous past to the progressive present to understand the complete German story.

Stasi Museum

The blurred political history of Germany is uncovered within the stark walls of the Stasi Museum. Once the headquarters of East Germany’s Ministry for State Security, it now stands as a memorial and research centre. Germany tours are scarcely complete without a trip to Stasi.

Memorial & Museum Sachsenhausen

Visit a Nazi concentration camp and you will begin to understand the deeply moving stories of Germany's troubled historical past.Not for the faint of heart, Memorial & Museum Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg will walk you through a mortuary, execution trenches and prison cells. The enormity of suffering remains thick in the air.

Residenz Museum

Peel back the layers of German opulence with a step into the former home of Bavarian royalty. A well-timed visit to the Residenz Museum complex will see you watching a performance by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. On any other day, be awe-struck by the grandeur of the palace’s ten courtyards and 130 display rooms.

Best food in Germany

An indulgent sausage tour is hard to resist in Germany, particularly when washing wursts down with local beer. Trafalgar will guide you through the goodness of this meaty cuisine, always laden with condiments, always satisfying.


A simple pork sausage first steamed and then fried, it’s the lashings of curry ketchup that make currywurst unique. This fast food local favourite is enjoyed with hot potato chips and a local beer, while standing and engaging in a chat with some locals.Add an additional layer of curry powder for extra kick.


Roasted pork knuckle is an adored culinary dish found across Germany. Often left to marinate for around a week before being slowly roasted at low temperatures, Schweininshaxe is a labour of love. Appreciate yours over a leisurely meal lasting many hours.


Slightly less indulgent than the currywurst, a weisswurst sausage is typically made of veal and pork and warmed in water without complete cooking or frying. Eat the near-raw weisswurst as a mid-morning snack served alongside warm pretzels.

Otto Wolff’s guide to German food

Gelbwurst, rindswurst. Kartoffelpuffer, kartoffelkloesse. German food can be a mouthful before the dish has been served. The Wurst! By Otto Wolff will guide you through the very best of German cuisine.

Traditional costume

Oktoberfest is not the only time that traditional dress could be called upon in Germany. Travellers looking to connect closer to the culture may like to pack the 19th century German attire of a Dirndl or lederhosen.

An eye for fairytale architecture

Most sources claim that over 20,000 castles can be found across the hills of Germany. Allow this trip to inspire childhood nostalgia with its fairytale architecture.

Digital maps

It's always good to have a backup of digital maps on standby when you're out exploring in your own time. Download them prior to your trip so you can reach them even when your phone is offline.

Travel adaptor

Though many hotels will have adaptors available for use, being prepared with your own will ensure you're always charged and ready to go.

What to pack for Germany

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Other things to know before you go

Depending on your nationality, you'll need a valid passport and may also need visas to enter. Please check this well in advance of your trip departure date here. Some countries also require passports to have 3-6 months left on them before the given expiry date, so be sure to double check this before booking your travels.

Road Trip Adventures

Slide into your seat, grip the wheel, start the engine, and hit the open road. From Norway to South Africa, the tundra to the rainforest, there is no limit to what you can reach with four wheels and an adventurous spirit. The road trip is no longer a means to get from point A to point B in your country; it crosses borders into new places, allowing for pure freedom in exciting destinations. Measure your next journey in viewpoints, road signs, and the people you'll meet along the way!

Guide to Germany Visa Application

Learn about the types of visas and the step by step process of obtaining a visa for Germany and quarantine regulations in this comprehensive guide.

  This includes types of visa applications, what to declare, and what is prohibited.

Keep in mind these handy tips for a smart, stress-free, and on-time visa application experience! 

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