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As the world leader in travel experiences since 1947, we connect you to the real Montenegro in a way like no other. It’s only a third of the size of Switzerland, yet Montenegro is easily one of the most impressive countries in Europe. Surrounded by the Adriatic sea, the snowy Durmitor Mountains and the surreal Lake Skadar, Montenegro is teeming with natural beauty. Soak up the golden coastline, raft down River Tara in Europe’s deepest canyon, and hike through rocky mountains to find bears, wolves and wildflower meadows. When you take a Montenegro trip with Trafalgar, you’ll discover the history of the country, from the medieval walls of Budva, to the ancient frescoes of Podmaine Monastery. With influences from the east and west, you can see ornate mosques, Roman Catholic churches, cliffside monasteries and formidable fortresses dating back hundreds of years. We'll also introduce you to the cheerful Montenegrins, and you’ll quickly find yourself sharing stories and enjoying a dish of fresh seafood by the ocean.Travel with us and unlock the infinite possibilities thanks to our exclusive Triploves Highlights.

"Montenegro is little country packed with hidden gems; a day spent exploring the natural beauty of the mountainous coastline or the delightful old cities is never disappointing"



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With the glittering Adriatic Sea, snowy Durmitor Mountains, surreal Lake Skadar, cliffside monasteries and crumbling fortresses, Montenegro is teeming with beauty and history. Join your your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and discover why Montenegro is easily one of Europe's most impressive countries.

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Our top 3 things to do in Montenegro

We’ll show you the best of Montenegro, from the sandy beaches and ancient walls of Budva to the incredible natural beauty across the country.

Explore the labyrinthine lanes and small squares of Budva

Budva is a gorgeous seaside town and a Montenegro must see, with medieval history dating back more than 2,500 years. We’ll go beyond the fortress walls surrounding the town and delve into the maze of alleyways and squares. From ancient churches to modern boutiques, there are endless treasures to find.

Climb Kotor's Castle of San Giovanni

The looming walls of Kotor’s Castle of San Giovanni offer phenomenal views over the Bay of Kotor and the region. We’ll climb 1,350 stairs to get to the top of the medieval fortress, and with plenty of history and incredible lookouts, it’s one of the most rewarding things to do in Montenegro.

Soak up Montenegro's natural beauty

Montenegro is an incredibly beautiful country, and the natural scenery is the highlight of any Montenegro travel experience. We’ll take it all in, from the turquoise waters and white sands on the Adriatic coastline, to the glacial lakes and forested mountains of Durmitor National Park.

Best museums in Montenegro

A Montenegro holiday with Trafalgar takes you to the country’s top museums, from a former royal residence, to the site of an ancient Roman town.

Dvorac Petrovića

Built in 1891, Dvorac Petrovića was the winter residence of King Nikola I, the last king of Montenegro. Today, it’s an excellent gallery, with around 1,500 contemporary art pieces from Montenegrin and international artists. You’ll also get a glimpse of the life of the king, with collections of weapons and royal decorations.

Duklja ruins

Located just outside Podgorica, the Duklja ruins are the site of an ancient Roman town, thought to be founded at the start of the 1st century. It was once the most important urban centre in Montenegro, and you can wander the stony remnants of towers, bastions and wall fortifications.

Natural History Museum of Montenegro Podgorica

Discover Montenegrin fossils, flora and fauna at the Natural History Museum of Montenegro in Podgorica. You’ll learn about the history of the planet and see the impressive collection of taxidermized animals with birds, insects, bears, wolves and the blue whale.

Best food in Montenegro

Our Montenegro holidays will introduce you to the best Montenegro food, from the coastal seafood to the hearty meat and potato dishes of the mountains.

Punjene paprike

Punjene paprike is a classic dish across the Balkans, and the Montenegrin version is made from courgettes or capsicum filled with minced meat, rice, tomato sauce, eggs and spices. It’s a tantalising mix of flavours and the perfect comfort food in Montenegro.


Đuveč is one of the most traditional dishes in Montenegro’s. It’s a stew or casserole, made from meat (often veal), vegetables and rice, and served in a large bowl to let the flavours combine. Our Local Specialists will show you the best local restaurants to taste this local delicacy.


One of the most beloved dishes in the country, cufte is Montenegrin meatballs in a warm tomato sauce. Typically served with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and a sprinkling of chopped parsley, cufte is absolutely delicious.


Montenegro is lined with heavenly beaches and golden sands. Bring a swimsuit and enjoy a swim in the dazzling Adriatic sea.


With some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe, from the turquoise coastline to the mountain forests, you’ll need a camera to capture all the beauty.

Deck shoes

Montenegro is a famous stop for mega yachts, so bring your deck shoes if you’d like to explore the yachts of the glamorous Porto Montenegro.


You’ll need plenty of sunscreen for your Montenegro trip, especially if you plan to spend time soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches.

Adaptor plug

In Montenegro, the power plugs and sockets are of type F, with standard European 2-pin plugs. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

What to pack for Montenegro

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Other things to know before you go

Depending on your nationality, you'll need a valid passport and may also need visas to enter. Please check this well in advance of your trip departure date here. Some countries also require passports to have 3-6 months left on them before the given expiry date, so be sure to double check this before booking your travels.

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Guide to Montenegro Visa Application

Learn about the types of visas and the step by step process of obtaining a visa for Montenegro and quarantine regulations in this comprehensive guide.

  This includes types of visa applications, what to declare, and what is prohibited.

Keep in mind these handy tips for a smart, stress-free, and on-time visa application experience! 

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