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Driving in Morocco

So you’ve decided to take a road trip in Morocco but you’ve heard driving on Moroccan roads is a nightmare. You’re on holiday so why take the chance and add stress to your journey?


  • The minimum age to drive is 18 and you should carry your driving licence with you.

  • European citizens don’t need an International Driving Permit for Morocco. Check before you travel in case this changes.

  • Moroccans drive on the right and give way to traffic from the left.

  • Morocco has no drink drive laws but they do have alcohol laws. Get caught drinking and driving and you can expect the police to throw you in jail. Don’t drink and drive is the message.

  • Road signs are almost identical to those in Europe.

  • Driver etiquette isn’t something we’re familiar with in Morocco. Moroccan drivers don’t give way to pedestrians and often park on crossings. You don’t have to follow suit.

Image by Adam Śmigielski


As a rule of thumb, the speed limits (unless there is a sign indicating something different) are:

  • 60 km per hour in urban areas

  • 100 km per hour outside urban areas

  • 120 km per hour on highways

Road conditions

  • The road conditions in the cities are good, if a little dusty. Watch out for the occasional missing drain cover in the kerbside gutter.

Expect the unexpected

  • Not all Moroccan drivers follow the official rules of the road so expect the unexpected. Some will undertake, tailgate and not everyone will give way when you expect them to.

  • Add to this you’re in an unfamiliar city with lots of honking around you and your anxiety levels may start to climb. Relax though. If you miss a turn, it doesn’t matter.

  • Concentrate on you’re driving, your surroundings and proceed with caution. How good an experience you have driving in Morocco is as much down to your own attitude as it is to other road users.

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