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Our new Driving Tips series gives you the need-to-know advice for driving abroad!

If you’re considering a scenic road-trip across Croatia or are visiting for a family holiday, Sixt’s driving tips will help make your travelling stress free.


  • Drive on the right hand side of the road and over take on the left.

  • Seat belts are mandatory for all occupants of the vehicle.

  • Children under 12 must not sit in the front seat.

  • Children from the age of 2 up to 5 years of age must be seated in a suitable child seat.

  • Other children must be seated using a suitable child restraint, using a booster seat where necessary.

  • Don’t drink and drive, the law has a zero tolerance policy for drivers under 25 which means that the blood alcohol level (BAC) limit is 0%. The BAC limit for drivers over 25 years old is 0.5%.

  • The use of a mobile phone while driving is prohibited unless you have a hands free device.

  • Between the end of October and the end of March dipped headlights should be used during daylight hours. Headlights should also be used at night and times when visibility is less than 100 metres.

  • Winter tyres are required from November to March.

  • Vehicles entering a roundabout have right of way as do all forms of public transport and school buses.

Image by adrian susec


  •  Within city Limits                      50km/h(31 mph)

  •  Outside city Limits                    80km/h(55 mph)

  • Expressways with divider         130km/h (74mph)


  • Drivers are to carry a valid driver’s licence, registration documents and insurance documents at all times while driving.

  • You must carry your passport on you at all times as a form of identification.

  • A reflective jacket is to be kept in the car and worn and if you are in an accident.


  • In case of emergency call 112 or Emergency road help with advice in English is on 987.

  • Motorway signs have the letter A followed by two digits. They have a green background with a picture of motorway in white. State roads have the letter D and country roads have the letter Z followed by four digits.

  • There are tolls on various motorways, bridges and tunnels including route E59 and the E70 out of Zagreb. There is also a toll on the E71 between Zagreb to Split.

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