Getting around in Georgia is fairly straightforward, and you won’t have to deal with some of the traffic of other states. Outside of cities like Atlanta, Savannah, and Macon, much of the state of rural, making it perfect for your 2019 road trip. Here are some rules and regulations you should be aware of before hitting the road.


  • It is prohibited to use your cell phone while driving. This ban applies to text messages, instant messages, email and Internet data.

  • Yield to all highway maintenance vehicles and workers in a construction zone;

  • When a school bus is preparing to stop to load or unload children, the driver of the bus will activate flashing yellow lights. When these flashing yellow lights are activated, all drivers approaching the school bus should slow down and be prepared to stop. Once the flashing lights have turned red and the stop signs have extended from the side of the bus, it is unlawful for any vehicle to pass the stopped school bus while it is loading or unloading passengers.

  • If an emergency or police vehicle is approaching, slow down and move to the right shoulder of the road. If you are on a multilane road, move to the right-hand lane if possible.

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  • Some areas, such as school zones or construction zones, may be posted for lower maximum speed limits, so please be aware of signs. When there are two or more lanes for traffic moving in the same direction, slower vehicles should use the right lane except when passing or making a left turn. On certain highways and interstate roads, minimum speed limits are posted.

  • WITHIN CITY LIMITS:                           25-45 mph

  • UNDIVIDED RURAL ROAD                   55 mph

  • DIVIDED RURAL ROAD:                       65 mph

  • FREEWAY WITHIN CITY LIMITS:         55-70 mph



  • Now that you have read our driving tips, you’re ready to start your Georgia road trip. If you are heading to Atlanta you will be glad to have a car rental to get around. You can visit the headquarters of Coca-Cola or the Olympic Park. Or drive to the coastal city of Savannah for its unique architecture and delicious food. For a taste of life outside the larger cities, head to the college town of Athens.

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