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You can now travel short distances of around 5 miles to enjoy the outdoors and exercise in Scotland, to use public spaces for recreational purposes such as sitting to soak up the sun (where possible!), and to meet up with one other household in small numbers. Please remember to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres at all times, both indoors and outdoors. For more information and advice on how to travel safely


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  • Local police officers have the right to collect fines on the spot of the violation. In this case, the driver will be issued the payment receipt. Most often, foreign drivers get fined for wrong parking in the historic center of the city. It is important to remember that it is prohibited to park cars on sidewalks in historic areas.

  • Full, valid driving licence.

  • Proof of Insurance (third party or above).

  • Proof of ID (passport).

  • Proof of ownership (V5C certificate).

  • Children under 12 with the height of less than 150 cm can be transported only in the rear seat of the car and only if the vehicle is equipped with appropriate restraint systems. All passengers must fasten seat belts. The penalty for violating each of these rules is 60 euro.

  • Horns must not be used in built-up areas or at night, except in cases of imminent danger or if the vehicle is transporting a person who is injured or seriously ill and in need of urgent medical attention. Its use is generally prohibited in the vicinity of hospitals.

  • At intersections, drivers must give way to traffic from the right unless a priority road is indicated. Vehicles turning left at an intersection must give way to all oncoming vehicles.

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WITHIN CITY LIMITS: 50 km/hr (30 mph) 

OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS: 70-100 km/hr (43-62 mph) 

HIGHWAY/FREEWAY:  90-120 km/hr (56-75 mph) 


  • Generally, roads tend to be busier around towns and cities during morning and evening rush hours - generally from 7.30 - 9.30 am and 4 - 6.30 pm.

  • Bus lanes are used in some cities - they can only be used by buses and taxis when in operation at certain times of the day.


  • Seatbelts are compulsory for all drivers and passengers in the vehicle.

  • It is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving. You must also have proper control while using hands-free.

  • Children under 12 who are under 135 cm (4 ft 5 in) tall should use a child seat appropriate for their weight. You can order one through the hire company.

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