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How to Apply the Scandinavian Lifestyle to Your Travels

If you’re looking to inject a little balance in your life, take some inspiration from the Scandinavians. Countries like Norway, Denmark and Sweden consistently rank top among the world’s happiest countries, and it has alot to do with their prioritisation of wellbeing. The concepts of Hygge and Lagom may be seen as lifestyle trends to the rest of the world, but in Scandinavia this is how the locals achieve The Good Life.

Want to know how you can apply the Scandinavian lifestyle to your own life, and future travels? Read on…

Adopt the lagom way of life when you travel

Lagom translates as ‘just the right amount’ and encourages people to find spaces, moments, and ways of living that are not too much and not too little. In Sweden, it’s the exquisitely simple ethos that underpins everything the Swedes do.

Applying the concept of lagom to your travels, means being able to have the time and space to stop, switch off and reflect. Forget that overwhelming checklist of things to do and take time to enjoy the moment, whether that’s by perusing the stylish shop windows of Stockholm, or breathing in the fresh air of the Swedish countryside.

Embrace the great outdoors

Scandinavians have a great affinity with the outdoors and have a strong need to reconnect with nature. This is a philosophy which Swedes and Norwegians refer to as friluftsliv. There’s no better way to escape the daily stresses of home and reconnect with nature, than by stepping out into the Norwegian countryside and taking in the dramatic landscapes. Nowhere is this feeling of friluftsliv so strong as in the Norwegian fjords.

“When you drive to Geiranger in Norway, you enter one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can’t fly here, and you won’t want to walk or bike either – entering by car or bus is the best way to take in the constantly beautiful views of the fjord,” – Lasse, Travel Director.

Put your camera down and take in the landscapes

Scandinavia is famed for its scenery. From the fjords of Norway to the tranquil lakeside towns of Sweden and Finland, you’ll see sights here that are unrivalled across the rest of Europe. But the a tip from our Scandinavian Travel Director, Lasse, is making sure that you put down your camera and take it all in.

“You cannot compare the scenery to anywhere else in the world. It’s mind-blowing when you see the Norwegian fjords for the first time. You’ve got to remind people to take more mental images than pictures.”

Embrace the Nordic diet and typical dishes

The Nordic diet is world renowned as a healthy way of eating. Made up of seasonal foods, traditionally found and eaten in the Nordic countries, meals of fish, root vegetables, fruits, berries and whole grains will leave you feeling healthy and balanced as you travel.

Take the Smørrebrød for example – an open sandwich of rye bread, usually topped with a variety of fresh water fish, fruit, eggs, meats or cheese – these simple lunch dishes will give you a nutritious, balanced meal.

Scandinavians also tend to eat foods that are in season, so there are less additives in your meals, with an emphasis on loading your plates fresh vegetables and fruits. That’s not to say you can’t treat yourself to a danish pastry once in a while, especially if you’re adapting the lagom mentality.

Spend quality hygge time with your loved ones

The Danish and Norwegian term of hygge has taken the interiors world by storm. Roughly translating as a mood of cosy contentment, hygge put Scandinavia on the map as the aspirational place to live. According to the Danish there’s nothing more hygge than sitting around with friends and family, spending quality time with them. Take a trip with your loved ones this year and seek out those hygge moments.

Øvre-Eide family farm

To get the strong sense of family in Scandinavia, visit the Øvre-Eide family farm near Bergen. A working farm since the 1500s and once the seat of a king before Harald Hårfagre united the many chiefdoms of Norway into one kingdom, guests can join the Øvre-Eide family for cosy home-cooked meal with the family.

Hygge, lagom and friluftsliv aren’t simple commodities that you can buy, but rather a state of mind that you can apply to your life, both home and away.

Embrace the Scandinavian lifestyle with a trip to Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland this year, or let us know what Scandi trends you’ll be implementing into your future travels by commenting below…

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