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The 10 Most Incredible Views in Europe

Gazing out across the sprawling cityscapes of the world’s most iconic metropolises or looking out over a landscape displaying some of Mother Nature’s finest craftsmanship, Europe offers views that will take your breath away. While it seems like there is a postcard-worthy vista around every corner, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most spectacular views Europe has to offer.  

1. White villages of Mykonos and Santorini

Clear blue sky, clear blue water, whitewashed houses, this palate could only be found in the beautiful coasts of the Greek Isles. Mykonos and Santorini are renowned for their beauty and offer the quintessential Mediterranean island vibe that provides the perfect holiday escape. Grab your sundress or white linen pants, throw on your designer sunglasses and have your camera at the ready. No filter is needed to capture the vibrance of these vistas.

Get a glimpse of this sun-kissed coastline on: Greek Island Hopper

2. Rolling Hills of Tuscany from the Chianti Wine Region

Captured by Travel Director Sasha – sasha_trafalgar on Instagram

The rolling hills of Tuscany, just beyond the borders of Florence, offer some of the most picturesque scenery on the Italian peninsula. Seemingly endless waves of vineyards, orchards and verdant green pastures flow throughout this scenic countryside.

Witness their beauty first hand one of our Be My Guest experiences that takes you into the farmhouses and villas of the local wine and olive oil producers for some of the best views of over the region while you learn about local life in the vineyards and orchards of the world-famous Chianti region.

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3. View over Old Town Dubrovnik and the Aegean Sea

Captured by Travel Director Sasha – sasha_trafalgar on Instagram

Perched on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is becoming one of the top must-see cities in Europe. You would never believe it was the epicentre of a civil war only slightly over a decade ago, as this city has been lovingly restored to its 16th century splendour. A stroll atop the stone walls that encircle the Old Town let you appreciate the winding labyrinth created by its narrow limestone-pathed walkways. For a bird’s eye view, take the cable car up the nearby Mount Srd to see the city’s red-tiled rooftops against an azure sea backdrop. 

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4. Fairy tale views of Neuschwanstein Castle

Captured by Travel Director Dean – travelling_dean on Instagram

Built by Bavaria’s “Fairytale King”, the Nueschwanstein Castle looks like it was plucked from the pages of a storybook. Perched atop a hill in the Bavarian Alps, the snow-white castle seems to float above the green mountainside. This castle is so magical that it ignited the imagination of Walt Disney himself, serving as the inspiration for the Disney World’s Magic Castle.

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5. Hillside villages of the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre

Captured by Travel Director Marisa – marisa.lukovich on Instagram

Mediterranean views don’t get much better than those seen from the Italy’s west coast. And if the views of white sand beaches and clear blue seas aren’t enough to fill your photo album, the colourful hilltop villages of the Italian coastline are the perfect confetti-coloured icing on the cake. If you’re in the north, the UNESCO heritage listed villages of Cinque Terre are not to be missed. And if you’re on a southern Italy holiday, you won’t want to miss days in the glamorous beachside villages of the Amalfi Coast.

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6. Island views on Lake Bled

Captured by Travel Director Sasha – sasha_trafalgar on Instagram

In the middle of the turquoise waters of Lake Bled, which shines like a sapphire amidst the emerald green countryside of the Slovenian Alps, is the tiny tear-shaped Bled Island. Lush greenery battles for the island’s limited space with a small 15th century church and café.  On a sunny day, the island and surrounding lakeside foliage are reflected like a blurry watercolour on the smooth surface of the lake.  

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7. Stockholm Skyline from Mariaberget

Built across 14 islands, Stockholm’s landscape is totally unique. A view over the city offers astounding scenery; a flawless panoramic skyline pierced only by the points of church spires. Reflected in the glassy waters of the Baltic Sea, the magical quality of Stockholm is difficult to describe.

This exceptional city is a bucket-list destination.

Explore this photogenic corner of the world for yourself on our Capitals of the North, Nordic Adventure and Scenic Scandinavia trips.

8. The Magical Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands capture the heart of travellers, writers, artists, filmmakers and explorers time and time again with their colours, textures and jaw-dropper views that need to be experienced up close to truly be believed. Each Highland spot bringing another ‘pinch-yourself moment’ and dotted with Lochs (lakes), castles, breath-taking skies and massive mountains, this wonderful part of the world is an absolute must do that cannot quite be put into words.

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9. View of the Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe

This is a Paris sight-seeing two for one. After snapping some photos of the Arc de Triomphe, journey to the top of this 50-meter-high stone arch for an amazing view down along the famous Champs Elysees all the way down to the gardens of The Louvre. And, over to the South across the River Seine, you’ll see the Eiffel Tower jutting up into the sky. The sunset over Paris is a beauty to behold and a trip up in the evening lets you see the lights of the Eiffel Tower twinkling against the night sky.

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10. View over Budapest from Fisherman’s Bastion

Captured by Travel Director Dean – travelling_dean on Instagram

Fisherman’s Bastion is a must-see in itself, with stunning medieval architecture and a beautifully crafted, ornate stone façade. But, its position atop a hill on the Buda half of the Budapest means it offers breathtaking views of the two-sided city below. The wide arches of the battlements perfectly frame the scene, looking across the blue waters of the Danube river to the Pest side of the city and the beautiful Gresham Palace. Day or night, this is a sight to behold.

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